Bold and the Beautiful 08-27-21 Recap 27th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-27-21 Recap 27th August 2021

Steffy demanded answers when she saw Sheila holding Hayes. Steffy told her to put down her baby. She went to her and took the baby. Sheila told her that she didn’t do anything wrong. She wanted to put Hayes in his room and then she wanted an explanation. Sheila assured Finn that she could reason with her mother to mother. She got him in the mess and promised to get him out of it.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-27-21 Recap 27th August 2021

Steffy puts Finn on blast for betraying her trust.Sheila attempts to maneuver her way out of this current mess with Steffy.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-27-21 Recap 27th August 2021

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Finn let Jack know that he wasn’t sure why Steffy was back so early. Steffy came back and said she knew she was right to question leaving town. She wasn’t happy finding Sheila holding her son. She yelled at Finn for allowing it to happen after what she did to her family. She wanted to know how he could let her hold Hayes. Sheila said she could explain what happened. She told her that she was only holding her grandchild and it wasn’t Finn’s fault. She didn’t want her to be mad at Finn. He told her that Sheila promised to go away for good if she got to hold Hayes just once. Steffy yelled at him and told him that he couldn’t believe a word she said. Sheila admitted that she wanted to get to know her grandson, but she didn’t have a plan. She hoped one day, but she was cut off.

Steffy yelled at Finn for allowing Sheila to manipulate him. She thought he snuck her in there while she was gone. Jack agreed that they were manipulated, but he thought it was worth it. He wanted to be rid of her once and for all. Sheila said they would be done with them. She wanted to see Finn and the baby one last time. She wanted Steffy to understand because she was a mother too. She asked her if she could imagine what it was like to give birth to a child and walk away from him forever. She said giving up her son was the hardest thing she did. She said she was willing to walk away again. She thought Steffy could understand how she felt as a mother to walk away from her family. Steffy wasn’t happy to hear what she had to say.

Sheila said she didn’t mean to cause trouble. Steffy said that’s all she ever does. She thought she lived for trouble. Sheila said she was leaving town unless she could forgive her. Steffy told her that she would never see her son again. She reminded Jack and Finn how Sheila shot her grandmother and left her to die. Sheila said it was a narrow perspective of the story. She said Stephanie was mean to her. Steffy said that Sheila manipulates things. She said she was being manipulative now. Steffy said she was evil. She hoped Hayes didn’t have Sheila’s evil genes in him. She was going to protect him from her. She said she was getting a restraining order against her. She told Sheila that she would stay away from Finn and Hayes too.

Sheila thought Steffy was being cruel to send her to jail for wanting to see her family. Steffy reminded her that Jack and Li were his parents. She said he didn’t let her down until now. She wanted her to leave the house. She wanted Jack to leave too since he started the mess in the first place. She called Sheila a monster with no feelings. She wanted her to get out of her house. Sheila didn’t go right away so she slapped her. She warned her not to take away anyone else she loved. Sheila and Jack left. Finn apologized to Steffy. She looked at him as if she were angry. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-27-21 Recap 27th August 2021.


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