Bold and the Beautiful 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021

Steffy wanted to know how Finn could let Sheila hold Hayes. She told him how she was dangerous and could have kidnapped him. Jack went to see Sheila and wanted to know why she was still there. He reminded her how she was supposed to be gone after she saw Hayes. He let her know that Steffy blamed him for her seeing Hayes. Sheila said she didn’t like his tone. He said that she caused enough trouble to him and Li. She said she didn’t do anything to Li. He didn’t want her to go to Li and tell her the truth. She reminded him how they were together and how he was Finn’s biological father.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021

Monday, August 30 – Sheila doubles down on her blackmail while threatening Jack. Steffy asks Finn to leave after his betrayal with Sheila.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021

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Steffy continued to tell Finn about how wrong he was to let Sheila see Hayes. She reminded him how he promised her that he wouldn’t let Sheila see him. She wanted to know how he could have lied to her. Sheila said that Jack told her that she wasn’t in a position to raise a child. He said she wasn’t able to do it. She said she allowed him to convince her that they should raise his child. She told him to stop acting as if she was the only one who did something wrong. He wanted her to go so no one would find out his dirty little secret.

Steffy told Finn how Sheila manipulated him. Finn understood that. Finn said that Sheila was his birth mother. He admitted that he wanted to see his birth mother one last time. Jack told Sheila that she would go to jail if she went near Steffy’s house again. She said she would walk away when she felt like it. He was tired of it. She was tired of everyone giving her a hard time. She didn’t like Steffy giving her an ultimatum. She said Steffy slapped her twice and wondered when violence solved anything.

Finn continued to explain how Sheila gave birth to him and he wanted to see him again. He didn’t think he would ever meet his birth father. He said today was the last chance he had to connect with the people who brought him in this world. He admitted that he allowed Sheila to hold Hayes. He understood how hurt she was and how betrayed she felt. He apologized for what happened.

Sheila continued to talk to Jack about him tricking her into giving up her son. Jack refused to let her ruin Finn and Steffy’s marriage. He insisted she keep her promise. She wanted to know what he was going to do about it if she didn’t listen to him. He told her that she would take their secret to the grave. Steffy realized that Finn didn’t intentionally go behind her back to let Sheila in the house. She was terrorized by what she would do next. He said she wouldn’t bother them again. She told him that Sheila wouldn’t leave them alone now that she’s held Hayes. She said that she was worried she would hurt him the way she hurt her family. She was looking forward to their future together, but she didn’t like the tie he had with Sheila. She said she couldn’t even look at him after what he did. He was willing to stay at the guesthouse for the night. He wanted her to know that he was sorry and that he loved her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021.


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