Bold and the Beautiful 08-31-21 Recap 31st August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-31-21 Recap 31st August 2021

Ridge showed up at Steffy’s place after getting her text. He wanted to know why she wasn’t on the business trip. She said she cancelled it. Ridge assumed she knew about Eric and Quinn reuniting. Steffy wasn’t happy about that news. He wanted to know where Finn was. She told him that she asked him to leave. She said he was staying in the guest house. Ridge was shocked, but he thought they could work things out. She let him know things were bad. She told him it was about Sheila.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-31-21 Recap 31st August 2021

Paris lends an understanding ear to Finn as he sorts through his feelings.Ridge becomes furious upon learning that Finn allowed Sheila to hold Hayes.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-31-21 Recap 31st August 2021

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Paris found out Finn was staying at the guest house. He told her that Steffy wanted some space. Paris wanted to know if they had a fight. Finn said it was worse than an argument. He said he broke her trust. He told her how Steffy walked in and saw Sheila holding the baby. She knew he didn’t mean any harm. He thought Steffy had a right to be mad at him. He said she was disappointed in him. Paris didn’t want him to beat himself up about it. He said he broke his promise to Steffy. She said he didn’t ask for Sheila to be his birth mother. She understood how he would feel connected.

Quinn wanted to seduce Eric, but it didn’t work. He said he couldn’t do it. He said there was no improvement. She wished he confided in her sooner. He said he was too embarrassed to tell her. She tried to kiss him. He kiseed her back, but he said it wasn’t working. He told her that she was trapped in a relationship with any sexual relations. He told her to leave. She said he was handsome and sexy and that wouldn’t change for her. She held him as he cried. He apologized to her.

Steffy told Ridge how she didn’t feel right going on the trip. She came home and found Sheila holding her son. Ridge was upset that she was in her house. He wanted to know where Finn was at the time. She told him that he was in the house and with her at the time Sheila was there. He couldn’t believe he was there and let that happen. Ridge was upset that Finn ignored the things they said about Sheila. She told him how Jack was there too. Ridge thought something was off with Jack. He was upset because Finn only had one job to do. She thought Sheila was going to leave with her baby. She wanted to be strong, but she didn’t like the fact that Sheila was Finn’s biological mother. She didn’t like how he and Hayes shared DNA with her. She felt like she was losing her mind. Ridge comforted her.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-31-21 Recap 31st August 2021.


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