Bold and the Beautiful 09-02-21 Recap 2nd September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-02-21 Recap 2nd September 2021

Ridge couldn’t believe Finn let Sheila see Hayes. Steffy told him that she was worried about her relationship with Finn. Ridge was confused when she said their marriage wasn’t official yet. She said they were supposed to file the license, but she couldn’t do it. She said everything was good with Finn until Sheila came along. Ridge assured her that Sheila wouldn’t be in her life and she wouldn’t take Hayes.

Steffy talked about how fast things changed for them. She mentioned again how she couldn’t make her marriage official now. She said she felt bad making Finn sleep in the guest house. Ridge thought she was being fair to him. He said they needed time to think. He thought they should keep their guards up with Finn. He liked Finn and thought he was good for her, but he didn’t think Finn knew what the situation was doing to her. Steffy said she loved Finn, but she didn’t want Sheila near them. Ridge said Finn was going to have to respect her wishes. He thought they could work things out and be stronger than they were before. She refused to let anything come between them.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-02-21 Recap 2nd September 2021

Knowing it is over between them, Carter remembers moments of passion with Quinn.Paris declares to Finn that she stands firmly on his side.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-02-21 Recap 2nd September 2021

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Finn let Paris hug him. She couldn’t believe Steffy wouldn’t go to the courthouse to make their marriage official. Finn was apologetic so Paris reassured him. He knew he shouldn’t have let Sheila in the house or near the baby. Paris thought Steffy overreacted to the situation. She wasn’t bashing Steffy, but she thought he would be back with her once she’s thinking clearly again. Finn remembered Steffy’s look of shock. Paris thought it was natural for him to be conflicted about Sheila. He said his loyalty was to Steffy, but he was afraid the look of betrayal would always be in her eyes. Paris assured him that Steffy loved him.

Paris thought Steffy should understand that Finn would be curious about his biological mother. She was someone he thought about his entire life. She reminded him that he wss by Steffy’s side through difficult times and she should do the same thing for him. She said he shouldn’t be staying in the guesthouse. She didn’t think he deserved that. She didn’t think he should be blamed for letting his birth mother in the house. She talked about his good qualities and couldn’t believe Steffy didn’t rush to make her marriage official. Paris thought Steffy was lucky to be married to an incredible guy.

Quinn let Carter know that he wasn’t making her feel uncomfortable by talking about his feelings. He mentioned how they were going to build a life together. He said he missed her. He also said he was happy for her. He thought it must have been great to be back in Eric’s arms again. She thought about Eric telling her about his erectile dysfunction and her expression gave her away. Carter wanted to know if everything was okay. He felt like something was off with her. She didn’t look any happier so he asked her if she wanted to talk about it. Shauna walked in the room and wondered why they were alone together. She said someone could have got the wrong idea. Quinn told her that she told Carter that she was happy with Eric. Carter left to make some calls.

Shauna knew something was wrong with Quinn. She wanted Quinn to tell her what happened. She wondered if she wasn’t happy being back with Eric. Quinn said she was happy with him. She said he was a forgiving man. Shauna agreed with her, but she knew something was wrong. She looked at her when she mentioned passion. Shauna realized that Eric didn’t want to be with her in the bedroom. Quinn told her that he wanted her, but he couldn’t do it. Shauna wanted to know what she was saying. Quinn didn’t want to talk about it, but Shauna assumed it was because of Carter. She decided to confide in Shauna. She told her what happened when she tried to seduce Eric. She finally told her that he had erectile dysfunction. She said he may not be able to make love to her again. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-02-21 Recap 2nd September 2021.


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