Bold and the Beautiful 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021

Finn went to see Steffy to see if she wanted to talk. He told her how sorry he was for what happened. He realized he shouldn’t have let Sheila in the house or near Hayes. She said it was a huge betrayal. He said he wouldn’t let Sheila or anyone else come between them. He didn’t want to blame his father, but he felt like he made the situation worse. He corrected what he said and realized he made things worse. Finn wanted to make things right with her. She said it was hard. He talked to her about reuniting. He wanted to move on with their lives together. anything come between them.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021

Eric demands Brooke and Ridge to keep out of his personal life!Sheila’s anger and frustration at Steffy rises in intensity.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021

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Sheila looked at the emoji Finn sent her. She thought about the way Steffy ruined her visit with Finn and Hayes. She flashed back to Steffy slapping her. She believed Steffy was the problem. She thought she was the one coming between her and Finn. She thought about how good it felt to hold Hayes. She thought it was funny that her grandson was a Forrester. She wondered how Stephanie would react to that. She realized she was a permanent member of the Forrester family. She refused to go anywhere. She wanted Finn and Hayes to be part of her life. She thought they would be in her life if it weren’t for Steffy.

Brooke and Ridge talked to Eric about their concern with him reuniting with Quinn. He asked them not to question his relationship with Quinn. He said there was more to their relationship than they knew. He said his love life was off limits to them. Eric left them alone. Brooke and Ridge couldn’t believe Eric blamed himself for Quinn’s affair. They said it had nothing to do with him. Quinn and Shauna talked about Eric’s erectile dysfunction. Quinn didn’t know what she was supposed to do. She said Eric may not be able to make love to her again. Shauna thought she had to be shocked. She said it was because he was virile before. She said it explained why he pushed her away and how she ended up with Carter. Shauna remembered how she would describe what Carter was like in bed. She wondered if Quinn thought about what she gave up to be with Eric again. Shauna said she would have thought about it if she were her. She said it was okay to miss Carter.

Eric went home and heard Quinn and Shauna talking. She told Shauna she was willing to give up a sex life to be with Eric. She loved him too much to let him go. Shauna respected that, but she reminded her that she gave up a sexually charged relationship with Carter. She said she had to leave that to be celibate. Quinn wanted to be committed to Eric. She was willing to give up passion and sensuality to be with Eric. She said she would do anything for Eric.

Steffy finally softened towards Finn. They kissed each other. He assured her that Sheila would stay away from them. He would stay away from her if she tried to see him.  He didn’t want her to come between them.  She agreed with him and allowed him to come back home. He wanted to celebrate, but she had to work. She said she would make it up to him. She said she loved him and left the house. Sheila walked in the house after Steffy left. He wanted to know why she was there. She said she wanted to see him again. He refused to betray Steffy. Hw refused to let that continue. He reminded her that she promised to leave town. He said his son would never be part of her life. He started to make a call when she passed out. He called 911 and said his mother passed out. She smiled while she was on the floor.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021.


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