Bold and the Beautiful 09-06-21 Recap 6th September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-06-21 Recap 6th September 2021

Finn called 911 for Sheila. He referred to her as his mother. He told her to hold on. He went to the door and Sheila smiled. The paramedics arrived and he told them the patient was his mother. He wanted them to get her to the hospital. Brooke, Ridge and Steffy talked about the restraining order out against Sheila. They also talked about the extra security around the house. Ridge thought they needed to be on the same page. Steffy said that Finn understood how dangerous Sheila was. Brooke was shocked to hear about Sheila being in her house. Steffy said that Finn promised that he wouldn’t see Sheila again. Ridge thought the good thing was that Steffy and Finn made up. Steffy was concerned about their relationship. She wanted to protect Hayes from everyone and that included Finn.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-06-21 Recap 6th September 2021

Finn gets emotional when Sheila suddenly faints. Meanwhile, Eric gains a new perspective while eavesdropping on Shauna and Quinn.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-06-21 Recap 6th September 2021

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Brooke and Ridge continued to talk about Finn seeing Sheila. They didn’t want him to be around her. He thought Finn understood what happened with Sheila, but he didn’t live the danger. He warned Steffy to be realistic about the situation. Brooke thought Ridge was trying to say that Finn was connected to Sheila. Ridge didn’t like how Finn let Sheila in the house when he how dangerous she was. Steffy assured them Finn wouldn’t do that again.

Eric overheard Quinn talking about their sex life with Shauna. He heard her say that she would sacrifice sex for love. She said there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him. She said she loved him. Eric told her that he loved her too. Shauna explained how they were talking how happy Quinn was with him. Eric assured Quinn that her love meant so much to him. Shauna told them about facing challenges. She thought they could survive anything. After Shauna left, Quinn admitted to him that she told Shauna about their problem. She asked him not to be mad at her. He understood that needed to talk to about it. He thought he should be the one apologizing to her. He admitted he should have told her the truth.

Eric told Quinn that he pushed her away. Quinn said she broke her vows. He said he let her think he wasn’t interested in being with her anymore. He apologized for doing that to her. She assured him they would get through it together. She thought about being with Carter and expressing their love to each other. She told him that she would be devoted to him. He wasn’t sure if his problem would ever be solved. He couldn’t ask her to give that part of her life up. She assured him that he fulfilled her and would do it again. He told her how he couldn’t make love to her. She gave him a hug.

Finn told the doctor what happened to Sheila. He assured Sheila that he would be by her side. Finn thought about Sheila collapsing. He didn’t think she had a heart attack. He told the doctor that she was his biological mother. He told her that he just found her and didn’t want to lose her. Steffy got a call from Finn telling her that he was at the hospital. He told her that it was an emergency with his mother. Steffy wanted to know if Li was okay. He said it wasn’t her. He said it was Sheila. Steffy was shocked to find out he was with Sheila when she collapsed. She didn’t like how she was at their house. Finn told her how she showed up and he told her that he didn’t want to see her again and she passed out. He told her that she’s his mother and didn’t want to lose her. Sheila overheard him tell Steffy that he didn’t want to lose her even for her.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-06-21 Recap 6th September 2021.


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