Bold and the Beautiful 09-08-21 Recap 8th September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-08-21 Recap 8th September 2021

Steffy told Finn that Sheila was faking her illness. He didn’t want to believe it. She told him how she suddenly became ill after he told her that he didn’t want to see her again. She wanted to walk out of the room and never see her again. Ridge knew Sheila wouldn’t leave town. Brooke said that she was even more obsessive now that she found Finn and Hayes. Paris defended Finn to Zende. She said he was pretty much perfect. Zende wondered if she thought he was perfect. She said that he was close to it too.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-08-21 Recap 8th September 2021

Zende attempts to get Paris to admit that she is crushing on Finn. Sheila ups the ante with Steffy by showing her the emoji text Finn sent.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-08-21 Recap 8th September 2021

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Brooke thought it was unfortunate that Steffy was caught in the middle of Finn and Sheila. Brooke thought it was good that they were back on track. Ridge wasn’t sure how long it would last with Sheila in the picture. Zende wondered if Paris had a crush on Finn. She laughed it off. Steffy wanted to leave Sheila. Finn said that she was his mother. Steffy reminded him that she was his birth mother. He said that he couldn’t just leave her there. Sheila smiled while they were talking.

Ridge and Brooke told Zende and Paris what happened with Sheila. Paris wondered if Steffy went to the hospital. Paris realized she had something to do with the foundation. Zende, Brooke and Ridge talked about how dangerous Sheila was to the family. He refused to let Sheila get involved in the family again. Steffy continued to tell Finn how Sheila was trying to work her way in the family. She said he was going to keep feeding the monster. She told him they needed to go and never see Sheila again. A nurse needed Finn. Steffy wanted to stay with Sheila. He said he would be back. Steffy went to Sheila’s bed. She called out to her and said Finn left. She said it was just them. She wanted her to drop the act. She said she was full of it. She knew she was listening to them. She wanted Sheila to listen to everything she had to say.

Ridge, Sheila and Zende continued to talk about Finn and Steffy. Zende said Paris was really concerned about them. She didn’t want anyone coming between Finn and Steffy. Paris arrived at the hospital and ran into Finn. He told her what happened with Sheila and that she was fine. She knew he was relieved to hear it. Sheila wanted Steffy to leave her room. Steffy told Sheila that she needed to end the act. She thought her performance was good for Finn. She wanted her to give up the act. Sheila got tired of hearing Steffy so she pretended to wake up. She asked for Finn. She pretended not to know Steffy. Steffy didn’t believe that she didn’t know who she was. Steffy knew she was listening to them the entire time. Sheila asked her for water. Steffy got the water for her. Steffy said there was nothing wrong with her physically. She told her to drop the fantasy that she would be in Finn and Hayes’ lives. She said the deception was going to end.

Steffy texted Ridge and told him that she was in the hospital room with Sheila. Zende hoped she was being careful. Ridge wasn’t worried about Steffy. He thought Finn should listen to Steffy and stay away from Sheila. Paris tried to assure Finn that it was normal for him to care about Sheila. She said she would be there for him. He appreciated what she said. He couldn’t stop thinking about Sheila and Steffy being alone together. He didn’t see how anybody would win in the situation. Steffy told Sheila not to go to her home again. She wanted her to stay away from her children. Sheila said that Finn and Hayes were her family. Steffy said they weren’t her family. She said that her plan was done. Sheila said she had no sympathy. She loved Finn and Hayes. Steffy said that she didn’t know what love was. Sheila told her that she could have had a heart attack, but Steffy didn’t care. She warned her that Finn wouldn’t want anything to do with her once he found out the truth. She said Finn never indicated that he cared for her. She said that wasn’t true. She wanted Steffy to check her phone. Steffy said she told Finn not to talk to her. She wanted her to see for herself. Steffy saw the heart emoji. Sheila told her that she’s Finn’s mother and would always be part of his life. She said there was nothing she could do about it. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-08-21 Recap 8th September 2021.


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