Bold and the Beautiful 09-09-21 Recap 9th September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-09-21 Recap 9th September 2021

Sheila taunted Steffy about the heart emoji Finn sent her. She said her son loved her. She said the text proved he loved her. She was determined to be part of Finn’s life. She said she couldn’t stop it from happening. Paris sympathized with Finn about seeing his mother collapse. He felt bad because it happened when he told her to get out. He didn’t see how he could have a relationship with her. Paris reminded him that he didn’t invite her to the house. He talked to her about the heart emoji he sent Sheila. She remembered that Steffy didn’t know about the emoji. He didn’t want to make Steffy any madder.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-09-21 Recap 9th September 2021

Eric spots Quinn and Carter having an intimate conversation. Meanwhile, Sheila’s plot to wreaks havoc between Steffy and Finn is fully in motion.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-09-21 Recap 9th September 2021

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Sheila told Steffy that she was going to leave town until she saw the emoji. Steffy said it didn’t prove anything. She said her son came to her aid and took care of her. She said it told her more than a text ever could. Ridge told Eric and Quinn about Sheila passing out on Finn. Eric thought Finn would feel guilty about it and Quinn agreed with him. She thought it was something Sheila would do. Eric asked him about the restraining order. Carter walked in so Eric asked him about the restraining order. He said they have a hearing date. They told him that Sheila was running a game on Finn. They told him that Sheila was at the house again. Carter was surprised that she was back there again. Ridge thought Sheila was after Hayes. He wanted to control the situation. Quinn thought Sheila was going to stay at the hospital to get sympathy from Finn. Ridge thought Steffy was smart enough not to let Sheila get to her kids. Quinn knew Steffy wouldn’t let Sheila provoke her. Eric and Ridge hoped Finn would do the right thing. Quinn and Carter exchanged a look. Eric and Ridge walked out and left them alone.

Carter asked Quinn how she was doing. He thought something was wrong the last time they spoke. He wanted her to know that she could talk to him. She thought it was kind of him to be concerned. Carter told her that he loved her and missed her. He said he thought about her all of the time. He knew she was happy to be with Eric. He thought Eric couldn’t get enough of her. Quinn’s face fell. He wanted her to open up about Eric. Eric listened at the door while they talked. She wanted to talk to him, but she couldn’t. She said she missed him, but she was in love with Eric. She said Eric told her everyday.

Steffy informed Sheila that Finn knew she couldn’t be part of their lives. She said she was manipulating him. Sheila said that Steffy was the one who was controlling him. She said she was protecting her family. Sheila said Finn loved her and wanted her to be in his life. She told Steffy that it was hurting Finn, but she didn’t see it. Steffy turned her back so Sheila turned up her heart monitor. Steffy continued to yell at her about staying away from Finn and Hayes. Sheila got herself worked up and made her alarm go off. Finn rushed to her room.

Sheila told Finn that Steffy attacked her. Steffy said she never touched her. Sheila said that she said terrible things to her. Steffy said she got Finn in there to make her look bad. Sheila told him that Steffy wanted to keep him away from her. Sheila told him that she had to tell him about the text. Steffy thought it had to be a mistake. She knew Finn didn’t send her anything after she told him not to talk to her. He explained why he sent the emoji. Sheila wanted him to be in her life. Steffy wanted him to stay away from her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-09-21 Recap 9th September 2021.


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