Bold and the Beautiful 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021

Eric wanted to talk to Quinn about his request. She said that she wasn’t interested in his offer. He wanted her to be realistic about her needs. They talked about him not being able to make love to her. He said her sex life didn’t have to be over because his is over. He told her that he loved her.

Ridge went to Carter’s office to talk to him. Carter was distracted because he was thinking of Quinn. Ridge assumed he was thinking about Zoe. He wanted to know if he had any regrets. Carter said he regretted a lot of things. Ridge wanted to know if he talked to Eric. He told him that he had a proposition for him. Carter stared blankly so Ridge wanted to know what happened.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021

Quinn and Carter attempt to keep their passion for each other under control.Steffy becomes determined to keep her loved ones safe from Sheila.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021

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Finn, Steffy, Liam and Hope talked about Sheila. They talked about how dangerous Sheila was. Liam and Hope were shocked to hear that Sheila showed up there and collapsed when she didn’t get what she wanted. They thought it was a desperate plot to get to Finn. Finn said he was torn when it came to Sheila. He said he wanted to meet his birth mother for years. He said they made it clear that they weren’t going to have anything to do with her. Liam wanted to make sure that Sheila wouldn’t be around Kelly. Hope wanted the kids to stay with them until they were certain Sheila was out of the picture. Steffy said that Finn had to put his foot down with Sheila. She vowed she wouldn’t let Sheila around her and the family.

Ridge talked to Eric about his conversation with Carter. They weren’t on the same page. They talked about Eric being back with Quinn after she betrayed him. Ridge wanted to know how he could forget how Quinn betrayed him with Carter. He said he wouldn’t forget. Quinn went to Carter’s office to talk about Eric’s proposal. She told him that Eric’s opinion hasn’t changed. She said she told Eric they didn’t do anything but she didn’t know if Eric was relieved. Quinn said she was so confused. She talked about what Eric wanted them to do. She told him how Eric knew sex played a big part in her life. She said she was happy being Eric’s wife. Carter wanted to know if she could do it. She wanted to know if they could do what Eric wanted. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021.


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