Bold and the Beautiful 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021

Carter and Quinn were in his apartment. They kissed each other. They were wondering if they were doing the right thing. She wasn’t sure, but she kissed him again. Katie went to Eric’s place looking for Brooke. He told her that she missed her. She couldn’t believe that he got back together with Quinn. He said it was his life. She said he was too kind and too forgiving. She couldn’t believe he was home alone while she was out for the night. She wanted to know where she was.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021

Quinn and Carter give in to their passion. Meanwhile, Steffy and Finn reconnect in the bedroom.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021

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Quinn wondered if she and Carter should stop kissing. She knew she had permission, but wondered if she should stop. Carter said they could stop, but he didn’t want to do it. Katie wondered how Quinn wasn’t home with Eric. Eric said they spend time together. She could understand if she were out with friends, but she didn’t have any. He told her that he wasn’t the best husband. She told him that he was basically perfect. She thought Quinn made him feel like she wasn’t good enough. He said she didn’t do that. She told him that he gave her everything she needed. He said he didn’t give her everything. She gave him the rundown about what he gave her. He said it didn’t mean there wasn’t something missing. Katie wondered if he meant that he couldn’t please Quinn sexually.

Quinn said she wanted to be with Carter. He said he wanted to hold her and touch her. She said that she loved him. Carter took Quinn’s dress off and took off his shirt. They sat on the couch and kissed again. Katie told Eric how much her family admired him. She said the Logans were big fans of his. He appreciated it. She said Quinn messed up by being with a younger man. He said he was frustrated with living in the house by himself. She thought he was compromising because he didn’t want to live alone. She said that he didn’t have to compromise. She told him about everything he accomplished. She told him that his best years were in front of him. He didn’t have to settle for anything, especially for Quinn. She wanted him to tell her what happened. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021.


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