Bold and the Beautiful 09-21-21 Recap 21st September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-21-21 Recap 21st September 2021

Shauna saw how Quinn was glowing and thought she Eric’s problem was done. Quinn’s face fell and told her that it was and wasn’t. Shauna was confused by her answer. Quinn wanted to tell her, but she said no one else could find out about it. She said she loved Shauna. She said he loved her more than she thought possible. She told her how Eric didn’t want her to give up her sex life. She said he asked her to sleep with Carter. Shauna couldn’t believe it. She said she couldn’t believe it either. She told her how she had sex with Carter and it was great.

Katie talked to Brooke about her conversation with Eric. She told her that Quinn wasn’t home when she stopped by. Brooke was appalled that Quinn wasn’t home. Katie thought Quinn put Eric through a lot and should have been home with him. Brooke was upset that he was home alone. Katie thought Quinn was selfish and self-centered. She didn’t understand why he was defending her. She told Brooke that Eric let Quinn go out with his blessing. She said that she believed him. She told Brooke that he felt like he wasn’t the perfect husband. Brooke didn’t believe that Eric couldn’t give Quinn what she wanted. Katie told her that she wasn’t talking about material things. She meant intimacy.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-21-21 Recap 21st September 2021

Shauna is shocked when Quinn reveals a big secret. Meanwhile, Brooke and Katie question Quinn’s intentions with Eric.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-21-21 Recap 21st September 2021

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Katie thought Quinn and Eric had problems in the bedroom. She thought he was worried about Quinn comparing him to Carter. She talked about how terrible it was that Quinn wasn’t home with Eric. Katie thought it was weird that Eric would condone Quinn going out and leaving him alone. Brooke thought everything was about Quinn’s needs. Katie wondered if she would betray Eric again. Katie didn’t want to find out that Quinn hurt Eric again. She thought Eric deserved better.

Carter went to Eric’s place. He told Carter that he knew he slept with Quinn. He told him that he talked to Quinn about and he was okay with it. Eric wanted to be the one to fulfill her desires, but he knew that wasn’t possible. He said it wasn’t easy for him, but he loved Quinn. He knew Carter loved her too. He told Carter that he could never consider her to be his. He didn’t want him to ever tell anyone about it. Carter agreed to keep it a secret.

Shauna was shocked Eric would want Quinn to be with Carter. She said that Eric wanted her to be fulfilled. She told her that they declined at first. She said he sent her to Carter’s place. She said she couldn’t keep her hands off of him even when she didn’t have permission. She told Shauna how she went back home to Eric. Shauna thought that was awkward for her. She told her that Eric asked her if she slept with Carter. He could tell by the look on her face that she was with Carter. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-21-21 Recap 21st September 2021.


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