Bold and the Beautiful 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021

Katie talked to Brooke about Eric and Quinn. She couldn’t believe Quinn had Eric doubting himself. She decided to go see Eric again. Ridge showed up and Brooke told him about her conversation with Katie. They talked about how troubled Eric seemed now that he’s back together with Quinn. He said that he tried to talk to him, but he wouldn’t open up. Brooke thought Katie could do it. Katie went to Eric’s place and found out that Quinn wasn’t there. He realized she was there to check on him. She wondered if it was obvious. He told her that he was working from home. She wanted to know if Quinn was home and he said she wasn’t. She wondered where she was since she wasn’t there.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021

Eric covers for Quinn to Katie. Ridge engages Justin with an undercover assignment.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021

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Brooke and Ridge continued to talk about Eric and Quinn. She felt like the reunion was another maneuver of Quinn’s. Justin showed up while they were talking. He wanted to talk to Ridge in private. Ridge wanted him to make good on their agreement. He wanted Justin’s loyalty. Justin thought he was going after Bill. He said that Bill was irrelevant. He was talking about his father. Katie told Eric that she was torn about Quinn’s absence. She was glad that they had a chance to talk, but she was worried because she would want to spend all her time with him. Eric told her that Quinn was at work. He was surprised she didn’t see her. Katie knew he didn’t like to be alone. He said he wasn’t alone because she was there. She knew he was lonely even thought Quinn was back there with him. She said she was worried about him and his marriage.

Quinn told Carter that she couldn’t stop being with him. He said he couldn’t stop either. He said that Eric gave them his permission. She thought they should be careful. They didn’t want Ridge and Brooke to find out what they were doing. She said it would blow their minds and they wouldn’t understand it. She said she didn’t understand it either. Eric told Katie that Quinn still had chapters left, but he was ready to write his epilogue. Katie told him that she didn’t like to hear him talk like that. She said that he had many wonderful years ahead of him. She thought he should be thinking about things that bring him pride. She wanted to know if Quinn made him happy.

Ridge asked Justin how well he knew Quinn. Justin knew Quinn wasn’t welcomed there after what she did to Eric. Brooke told him that she wasn’t welcomed there. Ridge wanted Justin to make sure that Quinn was a loyal wife to Eric. He wanted to know if she went to see Carter or anyone else. Carter told Quinn about his conversation with Eric. He asked her if she told Eric that they had sex. She said he asked so she had to tell him. She said he wanted to know. He thought that Eric must really love her.

Katie wanted to know if Eric was happy to have Quinn as his wife. She didn’t want him to feel judged. She wanted him to know that she’s there to listen. He thought about his conversations with Quinn and Carter. Justin asked Ridge and Brooke if Quinn did something to make them suspicious. He thought they could watch her without his help. Ridge thought Quinn would be suspicious of the family, but she wouldn’t see him coming. Quinn wanted Carter to leave the office first. He wanted to stay with her. She said that she told Shauna about their arrangement. She said Eric knew that she talked about it with her. She knew they had to keep it private. She said she was in love with two different men. They kissed each other again. Justin agreed to keep tabs on Quinn. Ridge wanted him to check on everything about Quinn. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021.


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