Bold and the Beautiful 09-23-21 Recap 23rd September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-23-21 Recap 23rd September 2021

Steffy and Finn talked about how much fun they had with the kids. She wondered where Paris was. He told her that she went upstairs. Paris was on the steps and heard them talking about her. They talked about how much they enjoyed her being there. They appreciated her help. Paris joined them in the living room. She wanted them to be careful what they wished for because she might not leave. She told them she didn’t mean to overhear them talking. She let them know what they did for her. She truly appreciated them. Finn hugged Steffy and smiled at Paris.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-23-21 Recap 23rd September 2021

Hope, Thomas, and Douglas spend time together as a family. Meanwhile, Paris has an epiphany about her living arrangement with Steffy and Finn.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-23-21 Recap 23rd September 2021

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Paris talked to Steffy and Finn about things working out for her after Zoe left. She was thankful that she got the chance to stay with them. She appreciated the joy and laughter in their house. She said was lucky to be there. They were lucky to have her. Steffy asked her about Zende. She said everything was going well with him. She enjoyed working with him and Thoms. Finn left to get sunblock. He wanted to teach Paris how to surf. She planned on taking him up on his offer.

Thomas, Hope and Douglas had a great day together. She told Thomas that she was glad they were working together. Douglas heard them and got excited. He was glad Thomas made Hope happy. Thomas lived to make Hope happy. Hope got a call from Liam. She found out that he was hanging out with Beth. She told Douglas that it was a great idea for Liam and Beth to spend time together. Douglas was fine with it because he got the chance to spend time with his mommy and daddy.

Thomas and Hope watched Douglas play outside. She thanked him for sharing Douglas with her. He thought she was an incredible mother. He agreed that she seemed happy. Hope gave him the credit for telling the truth so her family could get back together. He said he cared about her and that he knew his love for her was healthy this time. Paris stared at a picture of Finn. He showed up with sunblock and asked her to rub his back. She caressed his body as she applied the lotion. She ended up have a fantasy about Finn. She was about to kiss him when Finn really came in the room. Paris told him that he was amazing. She said he was handsome, smart and wonderful. She said he was a great husband and dad. She said Steffy was lucky to have him. She wanted to tell him something.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-23-21 Recap 23rd September 2021.


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