Bold and the Beautiful 09-24-21 Recap 24th September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-24-21 Recap 24th September 2021

Quinn got a text from Carter. He wanted to know when he could see her again. She was shocked when Eric showed up. He assumed Carter reached out to her. He told her to go see him. She headed out just as Ridge arrived. He noticed the awkward exchange between them. He wanted to know what was going on between Eric and Quinn. He knew he forgave Quinn, but he didn’t trust her. Eric said he trusted her and he was happy with their arrangement. Ridge wanted to know what that meant. He asked him if he was happy. Eric warned him to leave it alone. He wanted Ridge to respect his privacy.

Ridge walked away to send Justin a text. He told him that Quinn was leaving the building. Justin let him know that he would take care of it. Ridge told Eric that he respected his privacy. He said he was worried about him. Katie showed up and wanted to know what happened. Ridge said he was trying to figure that out too. Eric said he wouldn’t have taken Quinn back if he didn’t want a life with her. Ridge could tell by looking at him that she didn’t bring him joy. Katie told Ridge that Eric was capable of making his own decisions. Eric wanted Ridge to listen to Katie. She told him that she was concerned about him too. She was willing to be there if he wanted to talk to her. Eric invited her to come over since Quinn wouldn’t be home. He had to go to a meeting. Ridge and Katie were surprised Quinn was going out again.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-24-21 Recap 24th September 2021

Ridge and Eric each keep a secret from the other. Steffy fumes when Sheila makes an unexpected visit.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-24-21 Recap 24th September 2021

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Quinn went to see Carter. He went to the door and brought her inside. Justin snuck up to listen outside of Carter’s door. Quinn wanted to talk, but Carter thought that was funny. He wanted to pick up where they left off. He kissed her. Katie and Ridge talked about what was going on with Eric. Ridge thought he seemed defeated. They talked about how kind and generous Eric is. Ridge was afraid that someone would take advantage of him. Katie said that she would talk to Eric when she went to see him. Ridge thought he would find out something before the evening. He told her that he had someone watching Quinn.

Quinn and Carter undressed each other. They kissed each other. Justin looked through the blinds and was appalled by what he saw. He walked to the loft door and snuck in the apartment. He snuck up the stairs and went towards Carter’s bedroom. Carter asked Quinn if she was sure she wanted to be with him. She wanted him. Justin barged in the room and told them they were busted. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-24-21 Recap 24th September 2021.


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