Bold and the Beautiful 09-28-21 Recap 28th September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-28-21 Recap 28th September 2021

Ridge told Katie that he hadn’t heard any news from Justin. They wondered where Quinn was and who she was with. Ridge was suspicious of who she was with and hoped he was wrong. Eric showed up and wondered what they were talking about. Ridge told him how he didn’t like how Quinn went out while he was home alone. He wanted to know about their arrangement. He wanted to know what was going on between him and Quinn.

Ridge reminded Eric that Quinn was with another man. Katie said they were worried about him because he didn’t seem happy. She said they just got back together, but they were living separate lives. Eric said he knew where Quinn was and what she was doing. He wanted Ridge to stop grilling about Quinn. Ridge told him that they weren’t attacking him. Eric wanted them to stop. He didn’t want to talk about Quinn anymore. Katie agreed that he had a right to privacy. She wanted to know if she could still come over. He was fine with it as long as she didn’t question him about Quinn.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-28-21 Recap 28th September 2021

Sheila puts Finn on the spot when he puts a stop to her argument with Steffy. Quinn and Carter attempt to do damage control.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-28-21 Recap 28th September 2021

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Justin couldn’t believe Eric would agree to allow Quinn to be with Carter. She told him that he was telling the truth. Carter told him to imagine their surprise when Eric told her to be with him. Carter wanted to respect his wishes. Justin wasn’t surprised since he was able to have sex with Quinn again. Quinn told him they weren’t asking for his approval. They wanted him to keep quiet. He thought it was funny how they expected him to keep quiet about what he saw. She said that Eric thought it was the answer to their problem. They told him how they resisted at first. Carter told him that Eric wanted to put Quinn’s needs first. They wanted him to understand that Eric would be humiliated if that got out. Quinn begged him not to tell Ridge the truth.

Steffy told Sheila that she wasn’t going ti see Finn or Hayes again. Sheila moved towards the kids, but Steffy shoved her. She warned her that she would be sorry if she went near Hayes. Sheila didn’t want to argue with her. Steffy wanted her to leave. Sheila wanted to see her grandson. She told her that Hayes wouldn’t even know she existed. She told Sheila to get out of her house or she would throw her out. Finn heard them talking. He was surprised that Sheila was there.

Steffy told Finn that Sheila got past security and broke in the house. He wanted ro know why she did that. Sheila wanted to know how he felt about her mother. Steffy became agitated with Sheila. Finn told her that she was trying to come between him and Steffy. She said that Finn and Hayes meant everything to her. She pleaded with him not to walk away from her. Finn told her that he was staying by Steffy’s side. He made Sheila leave. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-28-21 Recap 28th September 2021.


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