Bold and the Beautiful 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021

Ridge asked Justin if Quinn was seeing someone else. Katie met with Eric and told him about what’s going on with her. She talked to him about Will being at boarding school. She was upset about him being gone. She talked to him about Bill being in prison. She said it was a lot for a kid his age to deal with. Eric wanted to know about whether she and Bill were back together. Quinn was upset that Justin went to Ridge to tell him about their arrangement.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021

Eric and Katie bond while sharing an emotionally cathartic moment. Ridge explodes when Justin reveals an upsetting truth.

Bold and the Beautiful 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021

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Brooke entered the room while Ridge asked Justin about Quinn being with another man. Brooke wanted to know if he had information too. Justin thought about his last conversation with Quinn and Carter. Katie felt like she was in an endless loop. Eric thought it was because of Bill. She said she wanted to hold on because of Will to give him the family she promised him. She admitted that she was the main reason why she’s holding on to Bill. Eric told her that she was a wonderful woman. She appreciated it. She said she wouldn’t be able to forget the man she gave her heart to gave it to someone else. She said she heard Bill say that Brooke was the love of his life. Eric said he heard Bill say the same thing about her. Katie wondered what Bill would do if he had the choice to make. She wanted to know if she deserved to be the love of someone’s life. Eric said she did deserve that. She talked about Bill not showing weakness. She said she felt strong when she was around people who love and care for her.

Quinn didn’t think Ridge would understand the arrangement she had with Carter. She thought he was going to be mad about it. Justin told Ridge and Brooke how he caught Quinn with Carter. Katie continued to talk about Bill to Eric. She thought she could change him. She didn’t think had the right to do it. She said people had to want to change. Eric thought he was a fool if he didn’t want to do anything for the woman he loves. He said that Bill wasn’t the man for her. Katie said he loved her. He didn’t think he loved her enough to give her the life she deserved. He said that she shouldn’t be with him just so she wouldn’t be alone. She knew he didn’t want to talk about it, but she felt the same way. Katie wanted to know where Quinn was.

Quinn wanted to go home to warn Eric that Justin could ruin everything. Ridge and Brooke demanded to know what happened between Quinn and Carter. Justin told them what he saw. Ridge wanted to know if Justin confronted them. Brooke was determined to tell Eric about it. Justin told them how Quinn and Carter had permission to be together. They didn’t believe that and wanted to go see Eric. Ridge appreciated what Justin did for his family. Eric told Katie that Quinn was pleased. She didn’t understand why she wasn’t home with him. He told her that he made a decision for Quinn. He wanted to tell her the truth about his arrangement with Quinn and Carter.

Quinn didn’t want Eric to be blindsided about Justin. She thought the family would question their judgment. She was worried about what his secret would do to him. Carter asked her if she loved Eric. She said she loved him. She said she loved him too. He didn’t want to put her in a situation like that. Ridge and Brooke showed up at Carter’s place. Brooke thought she threw Eric’s forgiveness back in his face. Quinn told them that Eric knew about her being with Carter. 

Bold and the Beautiful 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021.


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