Bold and the Beautiful 1-22-20 Recap 22nd January 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 1-22-20 Recap 22nd January 2020

Brooke told Eric that Quinn and Shauna had to go. He said he understood that she was upset about Shauna and Ridge. Eric said he was upset too, but he wasn’t ending his marriage over it. He said he loved Quinn. Quinn told Brooke not to let the door hit her in the a$$. Eric wanted everyone to get along.

Quinn asked if they should drink on getting along. Quinn brought up Brooke being an alcoholic. Brooke said Quinn proved her right every time she opened her mouth. Brooke said she would fight to protect Eric from her and her marriage from Shauna. Quinn said Brooke didn’t know the meaning of fight. Quinn warned her to back off or suffer the consequences.

Bold and the Beautiful 1-22-20 Recap 22nd January 2020

Today, a special newscast (The trial of Donald J. Trump) is being broadcast on TV instead of “the Bold and the Beautiful”. The date of the new episode is unknown.

Bold and the Beautiful 1-22-20 Recap 22nd January 2020

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Eric told Quinn to be the bigger person. He said she and Quinn needed to stay out of Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Quinn and Shauna met up to talk about Brooke. They said Brooke had no idea who she was messing with. They said Brooke slept her way through the family. Quinn said she would take care of Brooke.

Sally told Wyatt that he was the only man in her heart. When he didn’t answer her, she sensed something was wrong. He told her about the meeting with Katie. He said he was sorry, but he loved Flo. Hw said he wanted to be with Flo again.

It occurred to Sally that Wyatt was dumping her for Flo. Sally asked how much was she supposed to lose. She said she wouldn’t let him leave her for Flo. She said she did it before, but it was a mistake. She told him that they were engaged and are committed to each other. She said she would give him time to think.

Katie said she was happy about the meeting. Bill said he was concerned about Flo disappointing the people who forgave her. He said he couldn’t forget what she did. Flo came in. Flo thanked Katie for forgiving her. She said Wyatt was breaking up with Sally to be with her. Bill said he never liked Sally. Flo said she knew Bill didn’t like her either, but she was going to change his mind.

Brooke met with Katie. Brooke told her Shauna was kissing Ridge. Brooke said Shauna said a chance a jumped at it. Brooke said Quinn was behind it. Katie was suspicious.

Brooke told Katie that she knew she wanted to forgive Flo. Brooke said the Vegas women couldn’t be trusted. Katie was shocked when Brooke told her she wanted Eric to kick Quinn and Shauna out. Brooke told her that Quinn slapped her. Brooke said she was as demented ad ever. Brooke told her that she and Quinn were at war. 

Bold and the Beautiful 1-22-20 Recap 22nd January 2020.


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