Bold and the Beautiful 1-27-20 Recap 27th January 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 1-27-20 Recap 27th January 2020

Liam was with Steffy and Kelly at the cliffhouse. When Liam took Kelly to her room, Steffy got a call from Thomas. He was glad that Liam was with her. Thomas told her not to feel guilty about kissing Liam. He said she didn’t do it to hurt Hope. He said she deserved her family.

Bold and the Beautiful 1-27-20 Recap 27th January 2020

Due to a special news report (The senate impeachment trial), but in some States, the episode that is on this page was broadcast.

Bold and the Beautiful 1-27-20 Recap 27th January 2020

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Steffy told Liam that she and Kelly loved having him there. They talked about Beth. Steffy said she knows he misses Beth. He said he couldn’t get past the way Hope ended things with him. Steffy thought about kissing him while he was getting ready for work.

Steffy told Liam that it was great having him there. She said she felt bad. He said he didn’t blame her. He said they kissed each other. She said not really. She thought about Thomas telling her to go after Liam. She told Liam that she had to tell him about the kiss.

Wyatt wanted to know why there was so much tension at the mansion. Quinn told him it was Brooke. Quinn said she would take care of it. He said he had great news. She said he was back with Flo. He said Sally told him that she wasn’t letting him break things off with her. Quinn thought he spared Sally’s feelings. Quinn said it was Sally’s fault for feeling that way. Quinn said Sally would get over it. He said things felt different. He said he wanted things to get better for Sally. He said his future was with Flo, but he cared about Sally.

Sally went to Flo’s place and told her that her plan to take Wyatt wouldn’t work. Sally said she didn’t change her mind about marrying him. Flo said even if Wyatt changed his. Sally said they would be married if she didn’t slip. Sally said it wasn’t over for them.

Flo told Sally that she would have to get used to how Wyatt wants her. Sally got light headed. Flo asked if she could do something. Sally told her to stay away from Wyatt. Flo said it was his choice. Sally said she was sick of losing. She told Flo that when he remembered how good they were together, they would be back together. Sally started shaking. Flo took a call.

Thomas told Hope that he knew she saw Liam kissing Steffy. Hope tols him about Liam’s ultimatum. She didn’t know how Liam would want her to walk away from Douglas. She said she went to Steffy’s to work things out and that was when she saw them.

Thomas said he didn’t like seeing Hope that way. He said he was grateful to her for not cutting Douglas out of her life. She said she didn’t want to lose Liam, but she didn’t want to turn her back on Douglas. Thomas comforted her when she cried. 

Bold and the Beautiful 1-27-20 Recap 27th January 2020.


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