Bold and the Beautiful 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021

Brooke wondered if Katie was taking Quinn’s side. She said that she wasn’t. She said that Quinn was telling the truth about being with Carter. Eric and Ridge talked about his arrangement with Quinn and Carter. Sheila looked at Finn’s picture and was upset that she didn’t get to see her son. She didn’t like how she couldn’t communicate with him. She blamed Steffy for why she couldn’t see her son and grandson. Brooke thought Katie believed Quinn’s lies. She said she didn’t trust Quinn, but Eric was the one who told her about the arrangement.

Ridge couldn’t believe that Eric condoned Quinn’s affair with Carter. Eric was upset that Ridge was making him come out and admit his problem. Ridge asked him if it was true about his condition. Eric said he couldn’t please Quinn so he didn’t want to deprive Quinn of a sex life. Brooke couldn’t believe that Eric would want Quinn to be with someone else. Katie said they knew Quinn was selfish, but that was beyond. Brooke was shocked that Eric was okay with it. Katie said that Eric was really hurting.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021

Finn confides in Hope while Liam and Steffy spend time with Kelly. Sheila takes deceptive advice from a new acquaintance.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021

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Ridge told Eric that Quinn played him since day one. He said that she was so good at it that she convinced him that she should be in another man’s bed. He told him to take her portrait off the wall. He told Quinn that she had to have everything. She wanted to have the Forrester name and still be in Carter’s bed. He told her to get out. Eric said that Ridge couldn’t throw her out. Sheila told the hotel manager that Finn’s wife wouldn’t allow her to see her son and grandson. She said that Steffy wanted to make her out to be a villain. He said that she could try to reach out to her son. He said not to go through the wife. She should text him to tell him how she felt. He said her son might be feeling the same way.

Katie suggested that Brooke and Ridge not attack Eric. She said that Eric needed guidance and that he was embarrassed. Quinn told Ridge that she wasn’t the one who was leaving. Eric told Ridge that he treated him like he was weak. He told Ridge that he needed Quinn and her companionship. He said she needed more than that. She needed Carter. Ridge said that he didn’t mean that. Eric hoped he never felt the same way he felt now. He didn’t want to be alone and didn’t want Ridge to feel the same way. Ridge thought Eric lost his dignity. Quinn defended Eric’s honor. Ridge said that Quinn conned Eric so he couldn’t see what he was doing. Ridge said that the arrangement was wrong. He wanted Quinn to leave. Eric told him how all of his kids left him. He told him how all of his wives were gone. He didn’t want to be alone in that house. He said there was nothing but silence in the house. He asked Quinn to come back because he was lonely. He said they loved each other. 

Bold and the Beautiful 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021.


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