Bold and the Beautiful 10-05-21 Recap 5th October 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 10-05-21 Recap 5th October 2021

Thomas let Hope know that he had new sketches ready. She could see the excitement in his eyes while he described it. She gave him some suggestions as Steffy arrived. She noticed how close they were. She wanted to know what they were doing. He told her that he was showing Hope his designs. Steffy thought he was trying to score points with Hope. Hope teased and said it was working. Steffy wanted to see them herself.

Paris was grateful that Zende got her out of her boring meeting. He wanted her honest opinion about his designs. She loved his designs. She continued to compliment his work. They kissed each other. Zende told her that she was a valuable asset to the company. He said that no one was more impressed than he was with her. He kissed her again.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-05-21 Recap 5th October 2021

Steffy becomes concerned about Thomas’ feelings for Hope. Zende and Paris get their flirt on while he designs for the Hope for the Future line.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-05-21 Recap 5th October 2021

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Steffy mentioned how Thomas hadn’t seen Hayes yet. She started in on his personal life. Hope wanted to know about it too. Paris and Zende walked in the room. Zende said his girlfriend was the inspiration behind his new designs. Steffy missed having Paris at the house. Paris would cherish the time she was staying with her. She said it was time for her to move on with her life. Thomas wanted to see Zende’s designs. They wanted Paris to go with them.  Hope and Steffy were alone and talked about. Zende being Paris’ biggest fans.

Zende and Thomas compared notes on their designs. Paris gave Thomas some suggestions for his designs. He agreed with her suggestions. He appreciated her perspective and he could understand why Zende was taken with her. He said Forrester was lucky to have her. Steffy talked to Hope about how much time she spent with Thomas. Hope wanted to know why she wanted to know. Steffy wondered if she picked up on anything. She wanted to know if Thomas talked about whether he was seeing another woman. Hope told her that she asked him about his personal life earlier. Hope told her that she didn’t know anything.

Steffy was afraid Thomas was falling back to his old ways. Steffy wanted him to move on with his life. She thought he was handsome and should be with someone. 

Bold and the Beautiful 10-05-21 Recap 5th October 2021.


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