Bold and the Beautiful 10-11-21 Recap 11th October 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 10-11-21 Recap 11th October 2021

Brooke and Ridge talked about Deacon being a criminal and wanted to know why Hope wanted him in her life now. Hope told them that Deacon was her father. Brooke wanted Hope to tell him that she didn’t want Deacon in her life. Deacon knew they hated him, but Hope didn’t feel the same way. Ridge kept badmouthing Deacon. Liam wanted him to leave before the kids got back. Deacon wanted to meet his granddaughter. Brooke, Ridge and Liam didn’t think that was a good idea and wanted him to leave. Hope stopped them and said she wanted to say something. She was sorry that she blindsided everyone and that they ambushed Deacon. Deacon realized he messed up, but he wanted to see his daughter grown up. He was proud of her and glad they kept in touch through letters. He didn’t want to cause any pain. He decided to leave, but he said he would think about her all of the time. He told her that he would love her forever.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-11-21 Recap 11th October 2021

Brooke and Liam put their foot down about Deacon; Sheila tries to convince Deacon to work together.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-11-21 Recap 11th October 2021

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Ridge called Deacon out for his speech. Brooke and Liam wanted him to leave. Brooke said he was good at walking out the door. Deacon walked out. They wanted to know why Hope got in touch with Deacon. She couldn’t explain why she did it. She wanted to find out more about him, but she refused to forget what he did in the past. They insisted that Hope cut Deacon off. Hope wasn’t happy that they didn’t trust her judgement. She didn’t want to turn her back on Deacon. She said he was still her father regardless of what he’s done.

Steffy and Finn had a romantic time together and then she wanted to talk about Sheila. She hoped Sheila got the message and decided to leave them alone. She didn’t want her to be part of their family. Finn thought about the text Sheila sent him while he was with Hope. Deacon was at ll Giardino’s when Sheila arrived. He was surprised to see her. She thought he was locked up. They talked to each other about their past deeds. She remembered how he almost had her locked up when he had people thinking she shot Quinn. He said he was a boy scout compared to her. He knew the Forresters hated her more than him. He said he was released from prison and was a free man. She wondered why he wasn’t happy. He told her what happened when he went to see Hope. Sheila thought they had more in common than they realized.

She told Deacon about Finn. She said he married Steffy and the Forresters were trying to keep him away from her. She vowed not to give up and suggested that he didn’t give up either. Deacon refused to give up on Hope. She said this would be the first time he got what he wanted. 

Bold and the Beautiful 10-11-21 Recap 11th October 2021.


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