Bold and the Beautiful 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021

Hope talked to Thomas and Zende about Deacon being back in her life. Thomas was surprised that he was in town. Deacon went to see Hope at the office. She told him that he shouldn’t be there. He talked to her about how he found out about the doctor who kidnapped her baby. Thomas found out he could get a new place. He offered his old apartment to Paris.

Deacon told Hope that he knew she had people buzzing in her ear about him. He said he loved her and wanted a chance to be the father she deserved. He wanted to meet Beth and be a good grandfather to her. Hope didn’t know what to believe. She said her mother, Ridge and Liam didn’t want him in her life. She wanted to start slow by going out for a coffee or somewhere in public. Liam arrived and saw Hope with Deacon. He demanded to know what he was doing there. He said he wanted to see Beth, but Liam said he wasn’t allowed to see her. Deacon told Hope that she grew up to be an exceptional woman. He told her that he loved her and walked out of the room.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021

Deacon goes undercover to pay a surprise visit to Hope at Forrester.Paris receives an unforeseen gift from an unexpected person.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021

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Liam couldn’t believe Deacon would just show up like that. Hope appreciated how he was worried about her, but she wished he weren’t so harsh with Deacon. He said she had the biggest heart, but she didn’t know what Deacon would do. She wanted to know if it was hard to believe that she wasn’t enough for him to change. Liam said he didn’t want Deacon in her life. He advised her to cut him out of her life. Deacon went back to Sheila’s place. She noticed his reaction and thought he was rejected by her. Deacon told her that Liam was the reason why he couldn’t talk to Hope. She told him how the Forresters were keeping her away from her family. Deacon thought they should give up before things went too far. He advised her to stop and realize what she couldn’t control. He told her to leave her son and the Forresters alone.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021.


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