Bold and the Beautiful 10-19-21 Recap 19th October 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 10-19-21 Recap 19th October 2021

Bill asked Brooke for her help with Katie. He was afraid he was going to lose her for good. He said his arrest didn’t help him with Katie. He told her that he needed to have her back. He told her that Katie wanted something different. Ridge told him that he shouldn’t be surprised that Katie felt that way. Ridge recapped what he did when he got arrested. Bill said he changed. He just wanted a chance to prove it. Brooke thought Katie would see it if he really changed. He asked her to talk to Katie for him. He told her that he couldn’t live his life without Katie.

Carter told Katie that he wanted to run away with Quinn. He thought they were in love, but he realized he was wrong since she went back to Eric. He said he was alone again. He didn’t want to hurt Eric or make Ridge mad. He just wanted something for himself. He thought he would finally get what he wanted. He said he kept looking for love in all the wrong places and this time he hurt people he loved. He thought it would be different this time.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-19-21 Recap 19th October 2021

Paris and Zende take their relationship to the next level. Bill interrupts a moment between Ridge and Brooke to ask for a favor.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-19-21 Recap 19th October 2021

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Carter told Katie how she arrived at his place to judge him. He told her that things were easy for her. She told him that he didn’t know her at all if he thought she had things easy. She told him about her issues with Bill. Carter was jealous because she still had something. He wanted to know what it was like to be important to someone. She wanted that too. She said she was only important to Bill when he can’t have her. She takes him back and he hurts her again. She started crying while she talked about trying to hold on to something that was lost years ago. Carter didn’t know she went through that. She said she didn’t have a perfect life.

Katie told Carter people couldn’t be like Brooke. She said men would live and breathe for her. He said he wanted to do that for Zoe and Quinn. He wanted someone to fight for him and give up everything for him. He assumed a woman like that didn’t exist for him. He apologized for bringing up her marriage, but he said she had a chance at something. He said he never had that. She told her that he was lonely. She said Bill had a way to make you feel invisible. She said she felt lonely. She didn’t want him to assume things about her. He said she caught him at a bad time. She didn’t like to see him in pain. She didn’t want him to give up on love.

Hope went to see Thomas. She noticed women’s clothes in his place. She thought she interrupted something since he was half dressed. He told her that the clothes belonged to Paris. Hope was surprised at how fast he moved on with Paris. She didn’t realize they were living together. He clarified their living situation. She was afraid that Zende wouldn’t like them living together. He told her that Zende wasn’t jealous. He said they were cousins and he trusted him. He said he didn’t have a reason to be jealous. 

Bold and the Beautiful 10-19-21 Recap 19th October 2021.


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