Bold and the Beautiful 10-21-21 Recap 21st October 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 10-21-21 Recap 21st October 2021

Donna told Brooke that she wanted to defend Eric the same way Katie did. She said Eric needed their support. Eric walked in and heard them talking about him. Carter and Katie talked about jumping to conclusions about their situations. Carter told her that he cared about Eric. He knew it didn’t seem like it since he was with Quinn. Katie believed he cared about him. She knew what it felt like to fall for the wrong person. He told her about his strong connection with Quinn. Katie knew what it was like to put your faith in someone you couldn’t rely on. He hated going home to an empty house. Katie felt he was as lonely as she was.

Katie and Carter talked about Bill wanting her back in his life. Carter told her that she deserved someone who would put her first. She told him that her relationship with Bill was finished. She had to believe there was a man out there for her. He didn’t want her to settle for anything less. She didn’t want him to settle either. She told him about his good qualities. She told him that anyone would be lucky to have a man like him.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-21-21 Recap 21st October 2021

Brooke urges Donna to accept her feelings and fight for Eric. Sheila seizes an opportunity with Deacon when she spots Finn and Hope nearby.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-21-21 Recap 21st October 2021

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Donna told Eric that she and Brooke were worried about him. She asked him if he was happy. He appreciated the Logans worrying about him. Charlie showed up and told him about his meeting. He left the room. Charlie came back looking for Quinn. He said she was hard to find lately. Brooke and Donna continued to talk about they were worried about Eric. Brooke thought Donna should do something about it. She refused to tell Eric how she felt about him because he’s married. Brooke reminded her that she and Eric were good together. She thought Donna should tell Eric how she felt. Donna didn’t want to do that. Brooke tried to get her to admit that she loved him. Donna admitted that she loved him. Eric was at the door and heard her admission. Donna was shocked when she saw Eric in the room.

Deacon told Sheila that she did enough for him. He was considering leaving town. He heard what Sheila said, but he didn’t think Hope’s family would let him get close to her. Sheila refused to let him leave town. She said that Finn loved her and she was determined to be in his life. Deacon was going to leave when Hope and Finn arrived. Sheila told him that their children were there. She thought their opportunity was in front of them. She thought that was the answer they were waiting to get. 

Bold and the Beautiful 10-21-21 Recap 21st October 2021.


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