Bold and the Beautiful 10-22-21 Recap 22nd October 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 10-22-21 Recap 22nd October 2021

Liam and Steffy talked about whether Hope and Finn were going to keep Deacon and Sheila out of their lives. Liam said that was something they had in common. Their spouses had ex-cons for parents. He was certain that Hope could convince Finn to stay away from Sheila. Steffy was worried about Sheila and Deacon would worm their way in their lives. They said if they come up with a scheme, they would pay the price.

Sheila wanted Deacon to kiss her. Hope and Finn were shocked when they saw her. Deacon kissed Sheila. Sheila told Deacon to keep looking at her. He had to act like she was the woman of his dreams. Finn wanted to leave, but Hope wanted to confront her father. She went to the table and demanded to know why he was with Sheila. Deacon introduced himself to Sheila. Sheila acted like she was surprised to see Finn. Sheila lied and said she was writing Deacon while he was in prison. Hope thought they were saying they were a couple. Sheila put her head on Deacon’s shoulder.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-22-21 Recap 22nd October 2021

Hope and Finn are stunned to witness Sheila and Deacon. Eric is moved when he learns of Donna’s true feelings.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-22-21 Recap 22nd October 2021

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Hope and Finn had trouble believing Sheila and Deacon were a couple. Sheila implied they had conjugal visits. Hope didn’t want to hear anymore. Deacon wanted Sheila to tell the story. Sheila told them a lie about how they got together. Hope was surprised that Sheila was in love with Deacon.

Eric walked in while Brooke and Donna were talking. Donna wondered if he heard them. Eric admitted that he heard them talking. Donna tried to downplay what she said. Brooke told him that she’s embarrassed. She insisted that Donna talk to him. Brooke told him that Donna was the woman for him. She told Eric that he knew the kind of woman Donna was. She was sure if he spent time with Donna, his problem would go away. Brooke left the room. Donna admitted to Eric that what she said was the truth. She said she still cared for him and that wouldn’t change.

Eric told Donna that he was flattered by her feelings for him. Donna was glad that he felt that way. She said he was the love of her life. She said there was no point in hiding it anymore. She said their marriage was the best time of her life. She put honey on her finger and licked it off. He offered to help her out and seemed to enjoy himself. 

Bold and the Beautiful 10-22-21 Recap 22nd October 2021.


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