Bold and the Beautiful 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021

Eric was aroused when he licked honey off Donna’s hand. He felt something he didn’t think he would feel anymore. Donna was happy for him. He asked if it was okay to hold her. She said it was okay because she was waiting for that moment. He held her and was happy about it. He never felt so alive and vital. Donna told him that he was sexy. He told her that he appreciated the way she looked at him and didn’t judge him. He said it changed him. He wanted to get home to tell Quinn. Donna had to cover up her disappointment and told him that she would do anything for him. He left and she was hurt.

Quinn told Shauna that Eric’s condition didn’t change. Shauna asked her how she felt about ending things with Carter. She knew it was hard since Eric couldn’t make love to her anymore. Quinn told her about the companionship they share. Shauna said it was important to have a sex life too. She thought things could change and hoped it happened soon.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021

Quinn confesses to Shauna her inner thoughts and desires Sheila and Deacon defend their fake love to Finn and Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021

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Brooke, Charlie and Pam talked about how untrustworthy Quinn was. Pam wondered how he felt about her after the things she did to him. Brooke didn’t think Quinn knew what it meant to love. Charlie told her that Eric loved Quinn in his own way. They knew she loved Wyatt. She thought they would be shocked if they knew what she did. She wasn’t sure what brought them together. She didn’t think it was love.

Hope told Sheila that she didn’t believe she and Deacon were together. Finn agreed with Hope. He didn’t believe it for a second. He also asked Hope why they would lie about it. Hope said she lied because it’s what she did. Sheila pretended to be hurt by what she said. She told them how she fell in love with him while writing to him. Deacon told them it happened fast. Hope wondered what was up with Sheila. She was Finn’s mother and she happened to be in love with her father. Sheila said that made life interesting.

Sheila told Hope and Finn that she found her son and love. Finn questioned if that could be true. Sheila gushed over Finn. Deacon and Sheila insisted it happened fast. Sheila wanted them to be happy for them. She said they paid their debts to society and wanted to proved they’ve changed.

Brooke wanted to find out what happened with Eric. Donna told her that she and Eric had a moment but he went to his wife. Brooke hoped Eric would come to his senses. She thought he was confused about commitment and true love. Brooke thought Donna was hiding something. Donna didn’t want to tell her. Brooke felt she had a right to know since she was the one who insisted she tell Eric how she felt. She told her what happened. She told her that she was happy to help him. Brooke advised her to be more assertive if she wanted him back. Donna wanted him to be happy. 

Bold and the Beautiful 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021.


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