Bold and the Beautiful 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 10-3-19

Bold and the Beautiful 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 10-3-19 Recap, Brooke told Ridge that she hated what was going on. She said she believed that nothing happened between him and Shauna. She hated the idea of Shauna giving him breakfast in bed. She was upset that he would do that after what Shauna and Flo did to Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019

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Brooke told Ridge that she wasn’t going to forget what Thomas did to Hope. Ridge said he was concerned about Steffy. He said she was devastated that Phoebe was taken away from her. He thought he was the only one who cared about Steffy. Brooke said she cared about her. She said it was Thomas’ fault. Ridge said it was Buckingham’s fault.

Thomas went to see Shauna. She didn’t know what he was talking about when he brought up what she did with Ridge. He reminded her of what happened at Bikini. She said nothing happened. He told her that he encouraged her to go after his father.

Thomas told Shauna that Brooke was trying to ruin his life. He said he wanted Shauna to go after Ridge after the way Brooke treated him. He said she should be willing to do it after the way the Logans treated her. He said Brooke was high and mighty to him. He said Brooke and Hope were trying to keep him from Douglas. Shauna understood it after the way he treated Douglas. Thomas said he noticed that she was developing feelings for his father.

Brooke told Ridge that Thomas repulsed her. Ridge said that he is his son. She said she knew. She said Thomas hurt her daughter. She reminded him that he was with Shauna. He said he wanted to be there for his children. She said for him to be there for Steffy, but not for Thomas. She said that Thomas was dangerous. She said Douglas should be with Hope. She said if he loved Douglas, he would agree that he should be with Hope.

Shauna wanted Thomas to leave. He said he had questions about that night. He asked if she spent the night with him. She said nothing happened. He said she wanted something to happen. He said that Brooke knows. Shauna was shocked that Brooke knew. He said they were going to argue until they broke up.

Brooke told Ridge that Douglas was happy with Hope and Liam. Brooke wanted him to talk Thomas into letting them raise Douglas. Brooke thought Douglas would be better off with them. Ridge said Douglas needed his father. Brooke brought up Katie and how she was fighting for her life. She said she could be the only match for Katie. She went brought up Douglas again. She said she wasn’t going to let Thomas hurt him.

Shauna told Thomas that she didn’t want to cause problems with Ridge. Thomas said she was like him and want to break up Ridge and Brooke. Brooke told Ridge that Thomas couldn’t be with Douglas. She said she couldn’t be with him after what he’s done. She said he lost focus. He said his focus was on his marriage and his children. He said he would move out to help his children. She said he couldn’t help Thomas. She said he needed professional help. She said there was nothing Ridge could do for him. He said he was going to figure out something because he couldn’t throw away his son.

Brooke told Ridge to be with Thomas. She said when he came back, he had to get Thomas to sign custody over to Liam and Hope. She said it was going to be hard, but they had to do it. She told him to take care of his children and she would take care of Hope. She said they could resolve things. She said Douglas needed a loving family like Hope and Liam. She said they needed that too if they were going to save their marriage. He said he would call her when he got settled. She told him that she loved him. He said he loved her.

Bold and the Beautiful 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019.


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