Bold and the Beautiful 11-02-21 Recap 2nd November 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 11-02-21 Recap 2nd November 2021

Liam and Steffy talked about protecting their children from Sheila and Deacon. They wanted them out of their lives for good. They couldn’t believe Sheila and Deacon were calling themselves a couple. Liam said that Sheila proved that she didn’t respect boundaries. Steffy agreed with him. She talked about walking in and finding Sheila holding her baby. Liam told her that Deacon disappointed Hope over and over again. They thought Sheila and Deacon’s relationship was a ploy. They had to make sure Hope and Finn stayed away from them. Liam said Hope didn’t want to believe the worst in Deacon. Steffy could understand that, but they had to protect their children. Steffy felt they should form a united front for the kids.

Hope was at Forrester Creations and read a text from Deacon. He told her that he loved her. Finn arrived and wanted to see her. She told him that her father texted her. He told her that Sheila was trying to reach out to him too. He told her that he didn’t respond to her. They talked about Liam and Steffy’s issues with Deacon and Sheila. They wondered what to do. He wanted to know more about Sheila. He wanted to find out why she acted the way she did. He understood that Steffy didn’t want him to talk to her. Hope told him that Deacon was considered a monster before she was born. She understood Finn’s situation. They felt they were stuck in the middle.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-02-21 Recap 2nd November 2021

Steffy flips out at Hope for meddling in her decision about Sheila to Finn. Quinn’s ultimatum about Donna catches Eric off-guard.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-02-21 Recap 2nd November 2021

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Donna told Brooke about the way Quinn acted towards her. Katie walked un while they were talking. She noticed something was wrong. Donna told her what happened with Quinn. Donna said she was afraid for her life. They talked about whether what happened was innocent or not. Katie thought it was profound. She said if Eric loved Quinn, he didn’t anymore. Katie said he belonged with her. She said this was her moment with Eric. Donna wondered if Eric’s marriage to Quinn was over. She thought she might have some hope.

Quinn was upset that Eric was able to get aroused by Donna. She thought Donna was trying to destroy their marriage. She wanted him to promise that Donna wouldn’t come between their marriage. She said if ge respected their marriage, he would fire Donna. She demanded that he prove she’s a priority to him by firing Donna. After his argument with Quinn, he went to the office. He ended up interrupting the Logans while they were talking. He wanted to talk to Donna. Brooke and Katie left the office. Donna told Eric that Quinn knew what happened between them. She apologized to him.  Eric knew Quinn overheard him talking to Brooke about it. He said that was why he wanted to see her. Donna told him that she wouldn’t interfere wuth his marriage. She said they just shared an innocent hug. She said she tried to explain that to Quinn. Eric knew that because he did the same thing, but she didn’t believe him. He told her that he made a decision. 

Bold and the Beautiful 11-02-21 Recap 2nd November 2021.


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