Bold and the Beautiful 11-04-21 Recap 4th November 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 11-04-21 Recap 4th November 2021

Brooke told Hope about what happened with Eric and Donna. Hope was happy that they got a chance to reconnect. Brooke wondered if she was thinking of Deacon. She didn’t believe he and Sheila were a couple. Hope wanted to know why she was so adamant that she not get to know her father. She thought there was something more to it for Brooke. She didn’t deny it, but she was worried about Hope’s feelings. She admitted that she wouldn’t have Hope if it weren’t for Deacon. She thought his presence wasn’t good for her and Ridge. She said they were in a good place now. Hope started crying and asked her if her time with her father was so terrible. She told Hope that she allowed him to seduce her. She said when Ridge wasn’t there Deacon was there for her.

Brooke talked to Hope about the first time she and Deacon made love. She said she made a mistake. She said it was the worst betrayal of her life. She told her how she slept with her daughter’s husband. She said Hope wasn’t a mistake. She continued to share memories with her. Hope wondered if Brooke saw any good things in Deacon. Brooke explained what happened when she told Deacon she was pregnant. Deacon was happy when she told him. She said he had a hard life, but he had some good qualities too. Hope wanted to know why she couldn’t have a relationship with Deacon if he had good qualities.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-04-21 Recap 4th November 2021

Sheila reveals the next part of her plan to an incredulous Deacon. In an emotional display, Brooke dives into her past with Deacon to Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-04-21 Recap 4th November 2021

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Hope said she was deprived of knowing her father ger entire life and didn’t deserve that. Brooke thought about Deacon holding Hope and vowing to wait for her. Brooke started crying while Hope gushed about Deacon. Hope knew he let her down, but she wanted to be the one who had to deal with it. She wanted to know if she was going to rob her of the chance of knowing her father.

Sheila picked Deacon up from the apartment. She reminded him they were supposed to be a couple. She warned him that their kids would believe it if they played by the book. He thought they would see through their lie. She said they couldn’t ignore their letters that went back and forth. She thought it would prove their love affair. She planned on using the unopened letters he sent to his advantage. He wanted to be honest this time around. She said they were just telling a story. She said the story wouldn’t hurt anyone. He asked her questions about their relationship. He warned her about getting caught and screwing up any chance they would have with their kids. She said she paid for her mistakes. She said other kids don’t want anything to do with her. She said Finn was her last chance. She begged Deacon to help her with the next part of her plan.

Katie went to see Donna at Forrester Creations. She told Katie how Eric visited her. Katie was upset when she told her that Eric fired her. Donna told her that she would leave. She said Eric chose Donna. Donna knew Eric didn’t want her to leave. She knew he didn’t have a choice. Eric was at the Forrester mansion and told Quinn that he did what she asked. She said she didn’t get any joy out of it. Eric thought it was too much to fire Donna, but Quinn didn’t think it was a mistake. Quinn said that Donna thought she belonged with him and that’s why she had to go. She was glad he proved that he wanted the marriage. 

Bold and the Beautiful 11-04-21 Recap 4th November 2021.


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