Bold and the Beautiful 11-05-21 Recap 5th November 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 11-05-21 Recap 5th November 2021

Hope knew it was hard for Brooke to talk about her time with her father and Bridget. Brooke thought she was going to lose her. Hope reminded her that they got through that tough time. She knew she didn’t love him the way she loved Ridge. She wondered what made her drawn to him to conceive her. She said Deacon was charming, but he was nasty and cruel. Hope wanted her to admit that she had feelings for Deacon. Brooke admitted that there was some attraction and pull once. She thought about some intimate moments with Deacon. She said he was sweet. Hope knew he messed up, but she thought he should have another chance. She said she wanted a relationship with her father.

Deacon told Sheila that he wasn’t going along with her plan of them being involved. He wanted to tell Hope and Finn the truth. She showed him the photoshopped picture she made and said that was the family they could have. He said her plan wasn’t going to help him win over Hope and Brooke. Sheila thought it was funny that he wanted to win over Brooke. She told him that he was going to be alone. She told him the plan was supposed to be about reconciling with their kids not getting Brooke in bed. Deacon said that he just needed her to help make things easier for him to reunite with Hope. He wanted Liam to be on board too.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-05-21 Recap 5th November 2021

Ridge and Liam make a pact about Steffy, Hope, and Brooke. Deacon frustrates a scheming Sheila by making a bold move.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-05-21 Recap 5th November 2021

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Deacon wanted to know how Sheila planned to get Steffy away from Finn. He wanted to know would happen once she broke them up. Sheila made fun of him for wanting Brooke. He said Brooke was the one he never got over. Sheila said that he was no different from any other man in Los Angeles. She said he wouldn’t get Brooke or Hope if he didn’t stick with the plan. He thanked her for everything she did and walked out.

Liam and Ridge met at the office. He assumed Ridge wanted to meet because of Sheila and Deacon. Ridge told him the thought of them being together made him want to throw up. He said he didn’t believe they were together. He thought it was a con. Liam said their plan wasn’t going to work because they weren’t going to let them get close enough to them. Ridge wanted to know what would happen if Deacon showed up at his door. Liam said he would slam it in his face. Liam didn’t want to tell Hope what to do, but he thought that was important. Ridge didn’t want to relive the past so he was keeping Deacon away.

Brooke was shocked to see Deacon at the door. He told her that he wanted to see Hope and her. She let him in, but she told him that Ridge would be home soon. She asked him about his relationship with Sheila. He said that was done. She was happy about that, but she wasn’t going to invite him back to the family. Deacon wanted to apologize to her for everything. She didn’t want an apology. She wanted him to leave. He hoped what they shared would help her forgive him. He said thay was all he wanted. She wondered if that’s what he wrote in the letters he sent from prison. He admitted that he dreamed of a life with her with Hope by their side. Brooke was shocked.

Deacon knew she hated him, but she couldn’t hate him for what they gave each other. He said Hope was the best version of both of them. Brooke didn’t want him to finish what he was saying. He didn’t want to leave without thanking her for Hope and raising her. He wanted to be part of her life. He wanted to know Hope and her kids. He told her that he changed. He wanted a chance to prove it to her. Hope walked in while they were talking. She wanted her to listen to Deacon. She loved the idea of them being together. She asked Brooke if Deacon could stay. She was happy her father was home. She hugged Deacon. Brooke ended up crying. 

Bold and the Beautiful 11-05-21 Recap 5th November 2021.


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