Bold and the Beautiful 11-08-21 Recap 8th November 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 11-08-21 Recap 8th November 2021

Brooke was upset when Deacon hugged Hope. He told her that he was happy to hold her. Hope asked Brooke if they could get a chance to know her father. She thought Brooke had to have feelings for Deacon at one point. She reminded her that she created her. Brooke admitted that she had feelings for him at one point. She said that she and Deacon hurt people and she had regrets about it. She didn’t regret how they created her. Deacon said she was the best part of both of them. He knew he gave her cause to lose faith in him so he wanted to apologize for it. He wanted tp make up for what he did. He wanted to be worthy of Hope’s love. He intended to earn her love.

Deacon wanted Brooke to let him in enough so he could love their daughter. Hope wasn’t happy that she was involved with Sheila. Deacon said he wasn’t involved with her. He told them they were family and nothing could change that. He wanted to let Brooke know that he loved Hope. He said he spent a lot of time thinking about her while he was in prison. Hope told Brooke that she wanted a relationship with Deacon. Ridge assured Liam that Brooke wouldn’t open the door to Deacon. He said that Deacon was the type of man who would keep coming back. Ridge said Brooke would do whatever she could to keep Deacon away from Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-08-21 Recap 8th November 2021

Hope forces Brooke to face her past.Heartbroken, Donna reveals to Katie that Eric banished her from his life and Forrester at Quinn’s demand.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-08-21 Recap 8th November 2021

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Katie was sorry to hear what Eric did to Donna. She couldn’t believe Eric allowed Quinn to bully him into staying away from her. Katie felt like Eric should have defended Donna to Quinn. She said Donna was in his life longer than Quinn. Donna said it wasn’t his fault. She said it was Quinn’ s fault. Katie couldn’t believe he pushed her out of Forrester Creations. She said she didn’t plan what happened with Eric. She thought Donna should have thanked her for what she did for Eric. She also couldn’t believe Quinn asked him to cut her out of his life when she had an affair with Carter. They ended up talking about how hot he was. Katie shifted the conversation and talked about Bill. She said she couldn’t trust him and that he called Brooke the love of his life.

Quinn went to see Carter. She thought he hated her. He told her that he didn’t know how to hate her. She said he brought her back to life. She apologized for breaking his heart. She said she stayed with Eric, but she loved him. Carter agreed that the pull was powerful. He said he was ready to walk away from everything for her. He said she made the right decision by choosing Eric. He said that he came in second once again. He told her that he wasn’t feeling sorry for himself. He knew she was married when got involved with her. He was naive to think she would leave everything for him. Quinn said their relationship was as real as it gets. Katie arrived while they were talking about their relationship. Quinn said she would be less challenged if it weren’t for the Logans. Katie reminded Quinn that the Logans cared about Eric. She advised her to stop giving the Logans reasons to look out for Eric. 

Bold and the Beautiful 11-08-21 Recap 8th November 2021.


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