Bold and the Beautiful 11-09-21 Recap 9th November 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 11-09-21 Recap 9th November 2021

Brooke and Hope stopped Ridge from manhandling Deacon. Ridge was upset and wanted to know why she would defend him after what he’s done. Ridge didn’t want him around the people he cared about. Brooke told him that Hope wanted him to stay and she wanted him to stay because he’s her father. She said there was nothing they could do about it. Deacon perked up at the idea of Brooke defending him. Ridge didn’t want a criminal in his house. Deacon told him that he paid his debt to society. Ridge didn’t want to hear from him. Brooke told Ridge they had to consider what she wanted. Ridge reminded them that Deacon was hanging around Sheila. Deacon said he wasn’t hanging around her anymore. He wanted to be a father to Hope. Hope wanted to know if they could let him try to be a father to her.

Hope understood that there was hurt and anger, but she didn’t feel the way Ridge felt about Deacon. Brooke told him that Hope never got to form an opinion about Deacon. Ridge told her that it wasn’t an opinion. He said it was a fact. Hope said the decision was hers. Ridge wanted to know about the children. Deacon said he would never hurt his grandchildren. Ridge ignored him and asked Brooke if they could make it about the children. He wanted her to tell Deacon to leave and never come back. Deacon didn’t want to cause problems so he offered to leave. Hope didn’t want Deacon to go. Deacon loved and missed her. He said he would think about her and his grandchildren. Deacon let Brooke know that she raised their daughter into a beautiful lady. He said he was in her debt. Ridge thought it was a nice speech. Deacon walked out. Hope was upset at Ridge as he made Deacon leave. Brooke glared at Ridge for what he did to Deacon.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-09-21 Recap 9th November 2021

Ridge explodes when Brooke defends Deacon’s presence. Douglas catches Paris off-guard by asking a personal question. In front of Carter, Katie and Quinn verbally spar about Quinn’s many misdeeds.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-09-21 Recap 9th November 2021

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Olivia refused to apologize for what she said about the Logans. Katie told her they were always good friends with Eric. Quinn thought they had a funny idea of what it meant ro be a friend. Katie said she could same thing to her about her idea of fidelity. Quinn wanted them to stay out of her marriage. She told Quinn that she messed up her marriage on her own. Quinn assumed she meant her affair with Carter. Quinn told her to give Carter a piece of her mind. She thought he could handle it.

Quinn warned Carter that the Logans didn’t play fair. Katie told her that she didn’t play fair when she got Eric to fire Donna. She explained that Carter knew how she felt and wanted to walk away from everything for her. Quinn turned him down to save her marriage. Katie wanted to know why she was with Carter. She wondered if she changed her mind and wanted to be with Carter. Quinn knew she would like that so Donna could take her place.

Quinn told Katie that she wasn’t going to start her relationship up with Carter again. Katie thought she was being insensitive about that since Carter was in the room. She also knew he still had feelings for her. Quinn said that Carter was getting cut some slack, but she was irredeemable. Katie said that Quinn was the instigator and he was caught up. She hoped he would never be with her again. Katie thought he deserved a woman who loved him. Carter smiled at Katie. 

Bold and the Beautiful 11-09-21 Recap 9th November 2021.


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