Bold and the Beautiful 11-11-21 Recap 11th November 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 11-11-21 Recap 11th November 2021

Steffy and Ridge talked about Hope’s decision to let Deacon in her life. He said Deacon was playing her and she was falling for it. She thought Brooke should do something. He said that she didn’t want to push Hope away. She said it wasn’t about Hope. It was about the kids. Justin showed up while they were talking. Ridge had another job for Justin. He wanted him to keep an eye on someone.

Steffy didn’t feel safe letting the kids be at cabin if Deacon was going to be there and associating with Sheila. Ridge agreed with her. He understood what Hope was feeling but he didn’t want her or anyone else to get hurt. Justin questioned Deacon getting involved with Sheila. They told him they were allegedly writing letters to each other when he was in prison. They said they were a couple after that. Justin agreed to do some digging. He left the office. Steffy didn’t like Hope giving Deacon access to the kids. She couldn’t imagine how Liam would react.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-11-21 Recap 11th November 2021

Ridge hires Justin for another job; to get the goods on Sheila and Deacon. Hope shocks Liam with her decision about Deacon’s role in their lives.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-11-21 Recap 11th November 2021

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Brooke understood how charming Deacon could be because his words moved her. Hope said her father loved her and wasn’t manipulating her. She told her mother that she and her family would move out. Brooke wanted to know what Liam thought. She said he was on a business trip. Brooke thought it would cause concerns. They were going back and forth about Deacon when Liam walked in the cabin. He wanted to know what he missed. She said she made a decision but she wanted to talk about it alone. Brooke wanted her to promise that she would listen to his concerns. Brooke left the cabin.

Hope wanted Liam to know that her decision would impact them and their children. He wanted her to just tell him. She told him that she wanted Deacon to be part of their lives. Liam reminded her that he was a criminal. He said people don’t usually want criminals around their children. She insisted that she saw another side to him. He didn’t believe he reformed. She said he wanted to turn his life around. She said he looked at her the way a father should look at his daughter. She said she wouldn’t let him near her children if she didn’t believe he changed. She knew he wanted to be a grandfather to her kids as well as a father to her. She wanted that too.

Steffy told Ridge that Liam didn’t want Deacon around his family. Ridge said Deacon being around is a reminder of the worst betrayal of her life. Brooke walked in and heard them talking about Deacon. They were upset that Hope changed her mind about Deacon. Ridge told her they knew what he was capable of doing. Brooke said Hope was determined to believe Deacon’s changed. She said he told her that he was finished with Sheila and wanted to gain Hope’s trust. Steffy believed that Liam was the one who could talk some sense into Hope.

Hope reminded Liam that his father did some questionable things and they let him be around the kids. She thought her father changed. She reminded him how it’s like making mistakes and wanting to make up for them. She said they were about second chances. She reminded him how Bill actions landed him in jail and they forgave him. He realized she was right. She wanted him to give Deacon a chance. 

Bold and the Beautiful 11-11-21 Recap 11th November 2021.


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