Bold and the Beautiful 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021

Finn was surprised his parents knew the identity of his biological father. Steffy wondered if Sheila knew because she lied to him if she did know. Li said Sheila definitely knew the truth. He wondered if they had a picture of him. Li said they could do better than a picture. Finn assured Jack that nothing would change between them. Li undetstood that he had questions about his birth mother and his biological father. She said they could make it happen. Jack told him that he was looking at his biological father. Finn didn’t know what he meant. Jack said that he wasn’t just his adoptive father. Finn put two and two together and realized he was with Sheila.

Jack knew he should have told Finn and Li the truth. Finn wanted to know if it was true. He didn’t understand how he adopted him when he was his biological father. Jack admitted that he had an affair with Sheila. She ended up pregnant. He was scared he would lose everything and then he had an idea. He thought he could raise the baby with Li. Li told Finn that she didn’t know she was raising her husband’s love child. Finn yelled at Jack for what he did. He said his entire life was a lie. He thought he should have told them years ago. He wanted to know how he could do that.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021

Paris is floored when Thomas makes a surprise romantic overture.Li puts Jack on the spot to Steffy and Finn.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021

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Zende was looking for Paris at Forrester Creations. Carter told him that he didn’t want to start trouble, but he said she was having dinner with Thomas. Zende said he trusted Thomas even though he didn’t like the living situation. Carter warned him to keep an eye out. Zende wasn’t concerned because he thought Paris was a good influence on Thomas. He thought he should spend more time with her. They talked about Paris being a good woman. Carter was glad Zende could be happy even if he couldn’t be happy.

Thomas and Paris had dinner together. Paris was surprised he knew what she liked. He took an interest in what she liked and didn’t like. She picked up on his too. She wanted to remind him that she had a boyfriend. She said nothing about her relationship with Zende changed. She wanted to make sure he understood that. He understood. He said he always tells Zende how lucky he is to have her. He talked about her good qualities. She reminded him that she had a boyfriend. Thomas admitted that he’s falling for her. He asked her if she could see a future with him. He didn’t want to be friends anymore. He wanted more than that.

Finn couldn’t believe how little Jack thought of him. He knew how hard Li was working when he was brought in their lives. Jack said he was trying to protect him from Sheila. He said he was only looking out for himself. He told him that he could have told Li the truth. Jack said he didn’t want to lose her. He said it didn’t want anything to change. He asked Finn to forgive him. 

Bold and the Beautiful 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021.


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