Bold and the Beautiful 11-20-19 Recap 20th November 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 11-15-19

Bold and the Beautiful 11-20-19 Recap 20th November 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 11-20-19 Recap,
Ridge asked where Thomas was after he chased Hope through Forrester. Hope thought about Thomas falling. She apologized to Ridge. Brooke asked about a call he got. Ridge said the safety issue was taken care of. He said the hydrochloric acid was gone. He tried calling Thomas again. He left the office. Brooke was glad Hope didn’t say anything.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-20-19 Recap 20th November 2019

Hope told Brooke she should have said something. Hope said Ridge needed to know that Thomas was dead. She said she couldn’t keep it a secret. Brooke talked about all of the things Thomas has done. Hope said Ridge and Douglas wouldn’t care that it was an accident. Brooke said the acid was gone. She said all traces of Thomas was gone.

The episode was still not shown on TV today due to a special newscast. 

Bold and the Beautiful 11-20-19 Recap 20th November 2019

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Brooke continued to tell Hope that the acid was gone. Hope didn’t care about that. She said Thomas was still dead. Brooke said if she confessed, she would go to jail. Brooke said Hope would lose everything. Hope said it was destructive to keep secrets. Hope wanted to tell the truth.

Quinn told Steffy that she couldn’t finalize the jewelry designs until Thomas signed off on it. Steffy said he was missing. Quinn said Douglas and Thomas didn’t come home last night. Steffy wasn’t sure where Thomas was, but Douglas was at school.

Steffy told Quinn that Thomas gave Hope adoption papers. Quinn said Thomas and Douglas were doing well at the mansion. Steffy said Hope could talk Thomas into anything. Ridge showed up. Quinn asked him about Thomas. Ridge said he didn’t know where he was.

Steffy asked Ridge how things went at Brooke’s. Ridge said he was worried about Thomas. He said Hope and Brooke told him that Thomas offered Hope custody of Douglas if she had sex with him. He said Hope refused so Thomas wanted her to have dinner with him.

Ridge told Steffy about Thomas putting Douglas in a dressing room and chasing Hope. Ridge said he didn’t know what was going on with him and his obsession with Hope. Ridge said Thomas tied himself to Hope forever with the adoption papers. Ridge tried to call Thomas again. Steffy wondered if Thomas was hiding because he was embarrassed. Ridge said he should be. Ridge blamed himself for not being there for Thomas.

Hope told a picture of Thomas that she never meant to hurt him. She asked how she was going to tell Douglas that she killed his father. She said Douglas would lose three people if she went to jail. She said she would lose Beth. She said she would never forgive herself. Thomas showed up. She was happy to see him.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-20-19 Recap 20th November 2019.


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