Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021

Ridge didn’t understand why Deacon had to be in their lives. Deacon went to see Hope. He appreciated being able to spend time with her. He said he made sure Ridge didn’t see him there. He didn’t want to cause any problems with Ridge or Liam. Steffy and Liam talked about Deacon being in their lives. They didn’t like how Hope wanted to give Deacon another chance. She wanted to know how he was dealing with that. She thought it was putting a strain on his marriage.

Brooke told Ridge that she couldn’t dictate who Hope sees because she’s grown. Ridge told her that they needed to tell Hope that she needed to stay away from Deacon. He said he was best for everyone. Hope told Deacon that no one was going to dictate who she talked to and that meant him. She wanted to get to know the new version of him. He wanted to be worthy of her faith.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021

An angry Ridge puts Deacon on notice. Steffy and Liam strategize about Hope and Deacon.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021

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Steffy said Liam had to do everything to stop Deacon from being in their lives. She said her father was in the same situation. Brooke told Ridge that Hope wasn’t a little girl anymore so she couldn’t make her listen to her. Ridge wanted her to tell Hope the truth about Deacon. She wanted her to remember how he was part of the dark part of her past. She said that she told Hope everything. Ridge couldn’t believe he had to convince her to keep Deacon away from Hope.

Ridge continued to remind Brooke that she should tell Hope about what Deacon did. Steffy and Liam also discussed how Deacon might ruin her mother’s marriage. Deacon wanted to know what he could do to get everyone to change their minds about him. She said what he had to do. He appreciated her reaching out to him.

Ridge showed up at the cabin after Hope left. Deacon thought it was Hope coming back and saw Ridge. Ridge thought Hope wanted him to tell him to leave. Liam told Steffy that Hope was going to want to be in Hope’s life. Steffy didn’t understand how many times Deacon had to do things before she saw the light. Hope overheard them talking and told Steffy she didn’t appreciate her saying things to cause trouble in her marriage. Ridge wanted to know why Deacon was there. He explained why he was there. Ridge called Deacon out for being the same type of person he always was. He said he didn’t want to use Hope.He was about to throw Deacon out when Brooke showed up.

Bold and the Beautiful 11-29-21 Recap 29th November 2021.


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