Bold and the Beautiful 12-02-21 Recap 2nd December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-02-21 Recap 2nd December 2021

Ridge wasn’t happy that Brooke was letting Deacon do whatever he wanted. Brooke said he had a name. Ridge was upset by that she said that because he knew his name. He wanted to know if she had feelings for him. He believed Deacon had an agenda to get her to think he’s changed. He thought Deacon’s plan was working. He thought pain and heartache were coming soon. He didn’t want them to go through that. Ridge reminded her about the past. He said she had to live with what she did. Brooke knew what she did to Bridget. She didn’t get why he kept bringing that up. He didn’t want Deacon to hurt her or Hope.

Deacon went to Sheila’s place upset. He couldn’t find a job or a place to live. Sheila said she couldn’t do anything because of Steffy. She talked about past grudges, but he didn’t want to hear about it. Deacon talked about Ridge thinking he couldn’t change. He wondered if he thought he had a hold on Brooke and Hope. He was glad Hope was willing to welcome him in with open arms. He said that Brooke didn’t give him the cold shoulder anymore.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-02-21 Recap 2nd December 2021

Ridge gets fiercely protective of Brooke while professing his love to her. Sheila pays Finn a surprise visit at the hospital.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-02-21 Recap 2nd December 2021

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Sheila and Deacon talked about wanting relationships with their children. She didn’t know how to do that with Steffy in the way. Deacon agreed with her. He said Ridge was doing the same thing to him. She wanted to take action. He told her that he let Hope and Brooke know that he wasn’t working with her anymore. He said they weren’t joining forces. She just wanted to throw Ridge and Steffy off kilter. She said she had a plan brewing.

Finn told Steffy that his father kept calling him. He said his father lied to him all of his life so he couldn’t trust him. She understood why he was so mad since he slept with Sheila. Finn said that Li told him that Sheila was the one who told him to tell the truth. Steffy wondered why she didn’t do that herself. He thought Sheila wanted Jack to tell the truth. He thought Sheila was trying to look out for him. Steffy thought Sheila was looking out for herself. She warned him that Sheila was going to fill the void left by Jack. She hoped he didn’t let her take advantage of the situation.

Brooke remembered the shame she felt when she had her affair with Deacon. She said wasn’t with Ridge when she was with Deacon. She said he was with Taylor. She wanted him to stop talking about it. Ridge was determined to protect his family no matter what. He told her that he loved her.  He kissed her and left. She thought about being with Deacon. Deacon showed up after Ridge left the house. She didn’t think it was a good idea for him to be there. He wanted to thank her for letting him have a relationship with Hope. She didn’t want Hope to move so she was trying to be supportive. He said his dream was coming true and part of it was seeing her too. He knew they had difficult times, but some were good too. He said they were attracted to each other. He wanted her to tell him that she remembered how attracted they were to each other. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-02-21 Recap 2nd December 2021.


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