Bold and the Beautiful 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021

Ridge went to see Hope to let her know that Deacon wouldn’t be welcome there. He said he wasn’t welcome in their home or in their lives. They started arguing when he called Deacon a conman. Hope said he changed. Ridge was upset that she and Brooke refuse to listen to him. He said she had to do the right thing. She didn’t want him to fight her on wanting her father in her life. He said he wouldn’t have Deacon around his wife or his home. He said having Deacon around wasn’t safe for anyone. He said if she wanted to see Deacon, there were other places she could live. She wanted to know if he was asking her to move from her mother’s property.

Ridge said he despised Deacon and couldn’t be around him. He said there were things he couldn’t get past. He said he just saw Brooke’s betrayal and what Deacon was capable of doing. Ridge said he was thinking about both marriages. He said if she wanted to see Deacon she could do it in her own home. He said she wouldn’t do that in his place.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021

Finn struggles with his commitment to Steffy and being drawn to Sheila. Ridge reaches his breaking point, and Brooke makes a decision.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021

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Deaco reminded Brooke how good they were together. She said it was a betrayal. He said they couldn’t fight the attraction to each other. He said despite everything they made Hope. He was proud of the person she is today. She said she wanted to support Ridge, but she wanted to support Hope too. Deacon couldn’t tell her how much that meant to him. She said she was supporting her daughter. She wasn’t supporting him. He understood what she meant. She thought Ridge had to accept reality. She said he’s Hope’s father and if she wanted a relationship with him, they could have one. She told him that he was welcome there.

Brooke told Deacon not to mess up. She told him not to associate with Sheila. She hoped he wasn’t up to something. He said he just wanted her to be happy and didn’t like the way Ridge treated her. He told her about Ridge choosing between her and Taylor. She said that was in the past. She said he didn’t have to worry about her. He wondered when Ridge was coming back. She wanted to avoid a confrontation. He thought Ridge would see that he’s not the bad boy he thought he used to be. She said that was one way of putting it. He said she liked the bad boy. He wanted her to admit he was the best sex of her life. Brooke wanted him to go. Deacon thought about the times they were together. Brooke wanted to know if he was listening to her. He promised not to let her down. She told him not to let Hope down.

Sheila reminded Finn that he just found out that Jack was his biological father. He told her that she shouldn’t be there. She wanted to respect Steffy’s boundaries, but she wanted to reach out to him. She said she wss worried about him. He said she didn’t have to worry. She said she had to worry because he was her son. He thought she should have told him. She wanted to tell him the truth. She thought she had been the target of accusations and that would have made things worse. She thought he needed to hear it from his father. He thanked her for getting through to Jack. She advised him to reach out to Jack. He told her that it can’t happen. He said they couldn’t happen. She wondered if he heard that Hope let Deacon back in her life. He said it was a different situation. She wanted a chance with him too. Sheila said Brooke was opening up to Deacon again.

Ridge told Hope that she’s grown, but if she didn’t want him to protect her, he would just protect his wife. He said she could share her life with Deacon, but she wouldn’t do it there. Hope asked if he talked about that with Brooke. He said he would talk to her about it. He wanted to tell her about it first. Deacon was outside and heard them talking. He heard Ridge telling Hope to leave. Ridge said he would protect his home and his marriage. He said Deacon came between them before and he would fight tooth and nail to stop him from doing it again. He said if she wanted him around, she had to leave. Hope asked him what he was asking. He said he wasn’t asking her. He was telling her if she wanted her dad, she had to take her family and leave. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021.


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