Bold and the Beautiful 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021

Brooke told Hope and Liam that they weren’t leaving the cabin. Ridge said Deacon couldn’t be there whenever he wanted. Brooke thought they could rely on a schedule, but Ridge said she wasn’t hearing him. He said he didn’t want Deacon there. Brooke wanted to know why he wasn’t listening to her. She said they weren’t moving out. Hope didn’t want her father to cause trouble for them so they outstayed their welcome. Brooke said that wasn’t true. She said they weren’t leaving.

Brooke told Hope and Liam that you don’t throw people out during the first sign of trouble. She thought they could work things out. Ridge and Hope argued about what Deacon was capable of doing. Brooke refused to let Ridge win. She told Hope she was staying where she belonged. Ridge got upset and walked out.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021

Sheila grows frustrated with Deacon’s fixation on Brooke. Brooke and Ridge hit a significant impasse in their relationship.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021

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Deacon told Sheila that he and Brooke created something beautiful and he wasn’t going to let Ridge ruin it. He wasn’t going to let Ridge dictate his relationship with Hope. He was going to let Ridge self-destruct. He said he would be waiting after Ridge screwed up. Sheila got upset hearing that. He thought he was doing so well with Hope that he might have a chance with Brooke. She wanted to know about her. She wanted yo know when she would have a chance with her son. She talked about Steffy keeping her away from her son. She wanted to know what right she had to keep her from her son. Deacon said she was his wife. She didn’t like him teasing her so he felt bad. He wanted to know what he could do to help her. She thought he was close to the Forresters. He said most of them hate him. She said he was closer to them than she was. Deacon reminded her that she shot Steffy’s mother. She said she didn’t shoot Steffy and that Taylor would be dead if she wanted to kill her. He said let him get close to Hope and Brooke. Sheila was sick of hearing about her.

Sheila said Deacon was attracted to the dark side. Deacon talked about what he had with Brooke. Sheila thought it must have been great for her to betray her daughter with him. She thought Brooke didn’t have a right to turn her nose up at her. He thought Brooke was warming up to him. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021.


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