Bold and the Beautiful 12-08-21 Recap 8th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-08-21 Recap 8th December 2021

Liam talked to Bill about what’s going on with Deacon. Bill told him that they couldn’t let Deacon in their lives. He told him that he told Hope the same thing, but he couldn’t convince her to stay away from Deacon. He said Hope wanted to forget about the things he’s done and have him in her life. He told Bill that Deacon’s already been to the cabin. He warned him that Deacon would take advantage of them if they let him in their lives. Liam agreed with him. Bill thought he wanted him to get involved. Liam said he didn’t want that. He said that Hope said nothing trumps the fact that Deacon is her father. He didn’t want to argue with Hope, but they were doing that a lot lately. Bill thought his marriage might be in trouble.

Bill told Liam that Deacon couldn’t be trusted. He told Bill that Hope waited for years for him to come back to her life. Bill reminded him that he promised to be there for Hope and the children so he had to do it. He warned Liam to do whatever he had to do to keep Deacon away from Hope and the kids. He was grateful to be able to talk to Bill about that. He said the problem was Hope felt the same way about Deacon. He said that he couldn’t trust him.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-08-21 Recap 8th December 2021

Steffy and Thomas rally around Ridge, reminding him of their own family bonds. Dollar Bill counsels Liam on his stressful dilemma with Deacon.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-08-21 Recap 8th December 2021

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Brooke told Hope that Ridge left because he was frustrated. She said she was frustrated too. Hope didn’t think that was the way to solve anything. She said Brooke was just defending her daughter. Deacon arrived just as Hope told her that she would move out. She didn’t want her situation with Deacon to ruin her marriage to Ridge. Deacon walked in and told them he didn’t want his relationship with her to ruin anything.

Deacon knew his presence was causing problems and he didn’t like it. Hope didn’t want him to worry about it. He pretended to be shocked when Hope told him that Ridge told her to move out. He flashed back to eavesdropping on Ridge’s conversation with Hope. He wanted to know if Hope was going to leave. She said she was considering doing it. Brooke said she wouldn’t allow it. Deacon was happy, but he didn’t think Ridge would be okay with it. He said it was Brooke’s house and Ridge had no right to make Hope leave. Brooke told him that she was married to Ridge and that he’s just frustrated. Deacon didn’t understand how Ridge could threaten to throw Hope out.

Brooke refused to let Hope leave. She said it was important to have her and the children there. Deacon wanted to have the same connection with Hope and the children. He said he wanted to be a family with Hope and the kids. Hope was happy to hear it. Brooke smiled watching them together. Hope talked about how she wrote to Deacon while he was in prison. She knew Deacon wasn’t a bad person or a threat. She said anyone who doubted her judgment was going to have to accept it. He told Brooke that her support meant more than he could say.

Ridge didn’t like how Steffy said his wife wasn’t worth it. Thomas talked about what happened at Brooke’s house. She said that he wasn’t alone. He went off about Deacon and didn’t understand why he’s a factor in their lives now. Steffy wondered if Brooke was still worth it. Ridge said it wasn’t Brooke’s fault. Steffy said their history was drama. She said that Deacon is a reminder of Brooke’s worst betrayal ever. Ridge said Brooke didn’t want to be reminded of it either. Thomas wanted to know why Brooke wouldn’t get rid of him either. Ridge thought that Brooke was trying to invite Deacon back in their lives. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-08-21 Recap 8th December 2021.


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