Bold and the Beautiful 12-10-21 Recap 10th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-10-21 Recap 10th December 2021

Steffy got a surprise when Taylor arrived at her door. Taylor let her know that she was home. Steffy wondered if Thomas knew she was home. Taylor wanted to surprose both of them. Brooke was tense so Ridge rubbed her shoulders. He thought he could get rid of some tension by cutting Deacon out of her life. She said it wasn’t that simple. Thomas sent him a text and apologized for overstepping. Ridge told Brooke about his conversation witg Thomas and Steffy. He told her how they reminded him that he had another family. Brooke was shocked by what she heard.

Brooke told Ridge that she wanted Steffy and Thomas to have a relationship with him. She said Taylor was responsible for why their family wasn’t together anymore. She said Taylor didn’t show up for the wedding. Ridge told her that Taylor was working. He didn’t want to mention Taylor to them. They talked about Deacon again. He said that Brooke and Hope were wrong to let Deacon back in their lives. Hope walked in the room in time to hear what he said. Ridge said they were going to get hurt. Brooke told her about the type of man he was.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-10-21 Recap 10th December 2021

Sheila gets jealous of Deacon’s progress with Hope and Brooke. Taylor returns to Los Angeles, where she and Steffy share a joyous reunion.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-10-21 Recap 10th December 2021

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Sheila saw Deacon at II Giardino’s. She was surprised to see him in the storage room. He said it was temporary until he’s back on his feet. She told him that he should come back to her place. Deacon didn’t want to let Hope and Brooke down. Sheila understood why he felt that way to Hope. She didn’t understand why he didn’t want to let Brooke down. She asked him if it was wise for him to work around alcohol. She thought it would be temptation. He said he was avoiding alcohol. He said he couldn’t go back with her because he wouldn’t have a place in his daughter’s life. Sheila thought he was nervous about the sexual tension between them. She didn’t think he would get what he hoped to get. He wanted to text Brooke to see what he could do help Hope. Sheila realized he just wanted to get close to Brooke.

Hope challenged Ridge to tell her what Deacon has done since he’s been out of jail. He told her that he hooked up with Sheila. Hope told him that Deacon ended that as soon as he knew it was wrong. Deacon texted Brooke and Ridge knew it was him. Ridge wanted to know how he got Brooke’s number. Brooke said she couldn’t deny Hope the chance to see her father. Hope said it was her decision to make about seeing her father. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-10-21 Recap 10th December 2021.


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