Bold and the Beautiful 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021

Taylor and Ridge caught up on old times. They talked about what changed and what stayed the same. She told him that she would probably stay in town for a while. Ridge was happy that she was staying in town. She talked to him about how great it was to help other people. He told her that he was always a selfless person. They talked about Thomas. He told her that he was keeping a close eye on him since he’s working with Hope again. Taylor was relieved to know that he’s watching out for him. He said that Thomas got better because of her. She was wondering why Douglas wasn’t living with Thomas. She didn’t like how he was living at Brooke’s place with Hope and surrounded by the Logans. He told her that Thomas sees Douglas all of the time. She said seeing his father wasn’t the same thing as living with him.

Thomas and Steffy were relieved that their mother was back in town. They loved the idea of Taylor hanging out with her grandchildren. Steffy didn’t think their parents saw each other yet. She wasn’t going to tell him that she was back in town. She said she would let their mother decide when she wanted to see him. Thomas wanted to know why she didn’t want to tell their father about their mother. She said that she thought she still loved their father. Thomas thought it helped to have someone in the family who could help him with his issues. He said it was convenient to have a shrink in the family. They thought it was unfortunate that she couldn’t heal herself especially when her heart was concerned. Thomas agreed with Steffy that their mother loved their father.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021

Steffy and Thomas get all the feels witnessing Ridge and Taylor together. Deacon and Hope realize that they have common interests.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021

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Brooke admitted to Katie that she was torn between Hope’s feelings and Ridge’s feelings. She read Deacon’s letters and was convinced that he was trying to change. She thought he wanted to have a place in his daughter’s life. Katie reminded her that they only wanted their father to love them when they were growing up. It took a lot of work for them to get back on track with him after he abandoned the family. Katie said they had a great relationship with their father now and she couldn’t be happier about it. She said that Hope deserved the same opportunity they had to reunite with their father.

Brooke admitted to Katie that she was upset with Deacon for not being there for their daughter. She couldn’t believe he could hurt her without thinking about it. Katie thought that Deacon deserved a chance to prove himself. They agreed it would be wonderful if Hope and Deacon did reunite. They talked about missing their father again. They talked about Storm. They missed him so much. They talked about how much they had to lean on Storm because their father wasn’t there. Katie thought Hope’s wounds would heal if she got the chance to reconnect with her father. She said Brooke shouldn’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of that. She said if he wanted to be a father and grandfather to them, they should celebrate. Brooke wished Ridge felt the same way.

Brooke said they didn’t have blinders on when it concerned Deacon, but they wanted to give him a chance. She said he wasn’t taking advantage of people anymore. She said things weren’t missing. Katie said it’s never too late when it concerns family. She said they had to support Hope trying to connect with her father. Brooke agreed. She didn’t want her and Ridge to be the reason why Hope didn’t reconnect with her father.

Deacon went to see Hope. He told her that he noticed Liam’s car was gone. She said it would have been fine if his car was there. He didn’t want to cause any trouble. He told her how he regretted the years he lost with her. Hope didn’t want to look back. She wanted to think about the future. He appreciated that she’s giving him another chance. He was grateful that he had another chance with her and Brooke. He knew their husbands weren’t okay with him being in their lives. He promised not to let her down.

Taylor didn’t want to cause any problems between Ridge and Brooke. She noticed the way he reacted and wondered if there was trouble in paradise. She apologized for wondering if his marriage was in trouble. Ridge said she always knew him better than anyone else. He said there was something he and Brooke couldn’t agree on. He told her about Deacon being back in town. Taylor talked about how bad a person Deacon was. Taylor wanted to offer her support. They hugged each other just as Steffy and Thomas walked in the room. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-14-21 Recap 14th December 2021.


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