Bold and the Beautiful 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021

Brooke and Ridge were home. They kissed each other. He said fighting with her ruins his day. She thought they should take a trip to the coast. He was willing to go with her, but he had to tell the kids first. He let her know that Taylor was back in town. Brooke thought it was strange that she showed up out of the blue without telling anyone. She wanted to know if he’s seen her. He told her that he saw her. Brooke thought that Taylor wanted to see the kids. He told her about Taylor’s worthwhile work. She wondered when she was going back to her work. He let her know that she might be staying in town. She wanted to know how long she was staying in town. He wasn’t sure how long she was staying. He said it might be for good. She wondered why Taylor wanted to visit now. Ridge wondered if she was okay. He felt like she had a problem with Taylor being home.

Taylor and Steffy talked about how good it was for her to be home. Taylor met Finn and they hit it off well. They ended up talking about Deacon and Sheila being in their lives again. Steffy told her that Deacon being in town put a strain on Ridge’s marriage. She didn’t understand how Brooke could allow Deacon back in their lives. Taylor said that Hope wanted to have Deacon in her life. She remembered the scandalous relationship Brooke had with Deacon. Steffy didn’t think Brooke was right to allow Deacon in their lives. She didn’t think it was fair to her father.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021

Taylor recounts to Steffy how Deacon and Brooke’s affair affected Ridge back in the day. News of Taylor’s unexpected return throws Brooke off her game.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021

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Sheila saw Deacon at II Giardion. She wondered why he was working there. She wanted to know why he would be there when he could be with her. She couldn’t believe he wanted to be there just to impress Brooke. She couldn’t believe he would stoop so low to get back together with Brooke. He said it was an honest days’ work. He said he wanted to reconnect with his daughter. Sheila didn’t believe it wasn’t trying to go after Brooke.

Deacon and Sheila talked about their kids. He said the difference between them is that Hope was ready to have a relationship with him. Sheila thought Finn wanted one with her too. She said Steffy stood in her way. Deacon felt sorry for her. She mentioned that his presence was causing trouble with Brooke and Ridge. He said he wasn’t upset about that. She thought he would love to have another shot with Brooke. She wanted to know if she was right. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-16-21 Recap 16th December 2021.


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