Bold and the Beautiful 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021

Steffy told Taylor that it wasn’t fair for Brooke to expect Ridge to allow Deacon in their lives. She realized she shouldn’t waste time on Brooke. Taylor understood she was looking out for her father and his marriage. She was worried about him too. She didn’t think what Brooke wanted was unfair. Steffy didn’t like seeing her father like that. Steffy asked her mother to talk some sense into Brooke. Taylor didn’t want to see her. Steffy wondered who she wanted to see. Taylor wanted to see Eric after hearing what he was going through. She said Stephanie was special to him and didn’t know how she could end up with her. Steffy didn’t know which was worse her grandfather being with Quinn or her father being with Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021

Ridge comes to the stunning realization that Hope isn’t the only Logan woman that Deacon wants to reconnect with. Deacon and Hope’s sparring session is unceremoniously interrupted.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021

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Taylor talked to Steffy about how much Stephanie meant to her. She said that she saw Brooke for who she really was. She tried to keep Brooke away. She said she missed her. She said her grandmother would have been proud of her. Taylor was happy she had a good life with Finn. She told her that she was glad her relationship was over. She was so proud of her for moving on with her life. Steffy was glad she was there. Taylor might stay after all.

Ridge accused Deacon of wanting to be with his wife. Brooke said he was overreacting. Ridge wanted to know where he was living. Deacon admitted that he was living at the storage room at a bar. He told him about his new job. He said he wasn’t drinking anymore.  He also said he wasn’t dealing with Sheila anymore. Ridge thought he was having an affair with the brrom. He smirked in Brooke’s direction. Ridge didn’t believe he wasn’t drinking. Brooke jumped in the conversation. She said Deacon didn’t have to explain his job. Deacon didn’t want to do anything to ruin the relationship so he was going to the cabin. She thanked him so Ridge went off on her. He scoffed at her and told her that he’s playing her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021.


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