Bold and the Beautiful 12-18-19 Recap 18th December 2019

Bold and the Beautiful

Bold and the Beautiful 12-18-19 Recap 18th December 2019

Liam wanted Steffy to help him find out if Thomas really changed. She wanted to believe her father was right about Thomas. She agreed to help him and thought Thomas would talk to Vinny about everything that happened. Liam thought they should go see him. Zoe called Thomas because she was tired of waiting for him to get her back into Forrester Creations. He said he would do what he could and ended the call.

Eric wanted to talk to Thomas about Ridge’s marriage. Thomas blamed himself for what happened. Eric didn’t want him to feel guilty about their divorce. Eric found out that Hope didn’t want him to be the designer for the line. He wondered how Thomas felt about it. He said he understood why she won’t forgive him, but he wanted her to know that he’s remorseful he is about the situation.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-18-19 Recap 18th December 2019

Due to impeachment Hearings today in the US, The Bold and the Beautiful new episode has been pre-empted. An original episode airs tomorrow.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-18-19 Recap 18th December 2019

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Hope assured Brooke that she wouldn’t work with Thomas again. They also talked about Brooke’s divorce. She hoped Ridge wouldn’t file the papers and see what’s going on with Thomas. Hope changed the subject and talked about the upcoming fashion show. They talked about the fact that Steffy was working on her line while Hope was on leave. Brooke warned her that she would need great designers or her line will be discontinued. Brooke didn’t want it to be Thomas. Hope was confused because she liked Thomas’ designs. Brooke thought Thomas was shoving his designs at her because he was up to something. She wanted her to stay away from Thomas because he has problems. Hope didn’t understand how Steffy and Ridge didn’t see what he’s doing. Brooke was afraid of what he would do next if he didn’t get help.

Steffy and Liam went to Vinny’s place and were surprised to see Zoe there. They put two and two together and realized that she’s been talking to Thomas. Zoe was under the impression that she and Thomas were friends, but he didn’t feel the same way. Liam realized it was because of Hope. Zoe promised not to mention anything to Thomas. She apologized again about Beth. She told them how Thomas was obsessed over Hope once again. Zoe wanted a relationship with Thomas and her job back. Liam asked her if Thomas said anything about doing something to Hope. Zoe noticed the way he acted because of Hope. She begged for her job back. Steffy was surprised when Liam wanted her to rehire Zoe. He wanted to prove that Thomas didn’t change.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-18-19 Recap 18th December 2019.


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