Bold and the Beautiful 12-19-19 Recap 19th December 2019

Bold and the Beautiful

Bold and the Beautiful 12-19-19 Recap 19th December 2019

Hope apologized to Thomas for assuming that he prepared dinner for her. She looked like she wasn’t happy about it. Liam talked to Wyatt about how Thomas claimed he changed. He was hoping that Steffy didn’t believe that he changed. Eric, Ridge, and Steffy talked about the competition. Steffy was fine with the competition, but Hope didn’t have a designer. Eric suggested that Thomas be her designer. Thomas assured Hope that he wasn’t playing games with her. She told him that he didn’t owe her any explanations about Zoe.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-19-19 Recap 19th December 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 12-19-19 Recap 19th December 2019

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Steffy thought Hope should let Thomas help her if she wanted to save her line. Ridge noticed that Hope seemed less hostile towards Thomas. Eric thought they should talk to Hope about working with Thomas. He thought the friction could heal if they talked to her. Steffy wasn’t sure if they were doing the right thing. Liam continued to talk to Wyatt about Hope staying away from Thomas. Wyatt thought Thomas could be a changed man. Liam wasn’t sure so he had to protect Hope. Liam didn’t want Wyatt to say anything, but he asked Steffy to spy on him.


Hope didn’t have a say in Thomas’ personal life. He told her that he wanted to move on like she wanted, but she was shocked that he wanted to move on with Zoe. Eric, Ridge, and Steffy went to Hope and Thomas to talk about the showdown. They wanted to know if she was willing to work with Thomas. He was determined to blow Steffy out of the water if she agreed to work with him.


Liam told Wyatt that he was going to involve Zoe in his plan to prove Thomas hasn’t changed. He explained the plan to Wyatt. Eric talked to Hope about trying to save her line by having Thomas work with him. Thomas wanted to work with her, but she already turned him down. Hope loved his work, but she couldn’t forget what he did to everyone. Zoe showed up while they were talking. Thomas spoke for Zoe and told everyone that she regretted what she did. He thought Zoe was owed forgiveness just like they were willing to forgive him. He wanted her to be rehired. Hope didn’t want her to be rehired because of what she did to her. She wanted to the family to back her opinion and not rehire her.


Liam continued to talk to Wyatt about Zoe working at Forrester. He thought she was the best person to prove that Thomas hadn’t changed. Thomas continued to go to bat for Zoe. Hope wasn’t happy about the idea of her coming back to the company. He wanted them to have some compassion for her. Zoe spoke up for herself about getting her job back. She wanted to redeem herself in everyone’s eyes. Ridge would have fired her again if he could. He said he was trying to be a better person. Ridge said it was up to Steffy. Hope tried to reason with her to keep her from rehiring her. Steffy told Zoe that she was responsible for why she had a hole in her heart. Zoe apologized to her again. Steffy decided to give Zoe another chance. Ridge and Eric were surprised by Steffy’s decision. Hope couldn’t believe she would rehire her. Steffy said it needed to be done for the company.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-19-19 Recap 19th December 2019.


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