Bold and the Beautiful 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021

Ridge told Taylor that he walked out on Brooke. He said he had to clear his head. She wondered why he ended up with her. He said Deacon walked in and out of his house. He said Brooke always defends Deacon. He said he didn’t want Brooke getting sucked into Deacon’s vortex again. He said he made things worse.

Ridge complained to Taylor about Deacon living at the bar. He said Brooke and Hope want to feel sorry for Deacon. Taylor said she could see how it was affecting him. He said he was glad he had someone to talk to who understood him. She said he wasn’t a patient. He said she did a good job with Thomas. He said she was good at listening and at a lot of things.

Taylor told Ridge dhe missed his smile. He said with her back, he would have a reason to smile. She asked what she could do to help. He said she could make Deacon disappear. She said she would try. They laughed and had a close moment. She said she missed her family. He said they were right there.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021

Brooke shares her concern about Ridge, and Taylor, with Deacon and Hope.Taylor makes an admission to Ridge as he unburdens his frustrations about Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021

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Hope told Deacon she should see her mother. He said this was happening because Ridge couldn’t get Brooke to see him the way he does. He said it was a bitter pill to swallow. She said she wished Ridge would understand the damage he was doing by pursuing this. He said he didn’t mean to cauae problems.

Deacon asked Brooke if she was okay. She said Ridge wasn’t answering her calls.  She wondered where he was. She didn’t like how he left again. Deacon said it was his fault. Hope said Ridge wasn’t going to stop them from having a relationship. Brooke said Ridge was doing his best he could. She said it was a hard decision.

Hope told Brooke that she was being fair. They talked about Taylor being in town. Hope wondered how long she was staying. Brooke said Ridge made it seem as if she was staying longer. Hope noticed that Brooke was nervous. Brooke said she and Ridge were having problems now. Deacon said it was his fault. Hope and Brooke said it wasn’t his fault.

Brooke told Hope and Deacon that she hoped Taylor didn’t take advantage of her problems with Ridge. Hope was concerned that Taylor wasn’t over Ridge. Brooke said she believed in her relationship with Ridge, but she wasn’t naive. She said she saw them as a big family. She said Taylor was going to focus on Ridge and their children. She said Taylor was in love with Ridge.

Steffy told Thomas their mother was in love with their father. He said he wanted their mother to be happy the way it was when their parents were together. He said he felt bad for their mother when their father married Brooke.

Steffy and Thomas talked about Taylor helping people. They thought Taylor being back was perfect timing for Ridge. Steffy said she didn’t blame their father. She said Brooke defending Deacon was infuriating. She wanted to tell Brooke off, but she thought that would make things worse. She said their father needed their mother.

Ridge and Taylor talked about how protective Stephanie was of them. He said she was a remarkable woman. Sge said he was in a challenging position. She said she shouldn’t judge, but Brooke was giving him highs and lows. Taylor said her time with him was the best time in her life. She said she would always love him. He hugged her. Steffy saw them hugging. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021.


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