Bold and the Beautiful 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021

Deacon and Sheila met at II Giardino. He said he wanted to meet her there because if he met her in her room, she would try to sleep with him. He said he had big news. He said the news was about a woman. She wanted to know who the woman was. He said Taylor was back.

Sheila thought Steffy would have her mother around to help her. She said Taylor would make things worse. She said that was all she needed. He told her karma was a b*tch.

Sheila was glad at the progress Deacon has made. She said she couldn’t see Finn because of Steffy. Deacon said Steffy had Taylor to back her up. He wished her luck with that. Sheila said Steffy needed to stop standing in her way. She said he loved Taylor being back would mess up Brooke’s marriage. She said it was an opportunity for him. He said everyone wasn’t always working an angle. She said he still had a chance. She said it was going to be hard for her to see Finn now that Taylor was back.

Steffy saw Ridge and Taylor hugging. Taylor told her she planned on staying. Steffy said she was where she was supposed to be. They all talked about Brooke supporting Deacon being in the house. Ridge said he wanted to keep everyone safe.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021

Brooke puts Taylor on the spot when they come face-to-face for the first time.Deacon delivers the news of Taylor’s return to an unhappy Sheila.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021

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Steffy and Taylor apologized to Ridge for what he was going through. Taylor told Steffy that she was in love with Ridge. Steffy was happy. Taylor said she was learning to speak her truth and wanted others to do the same thing. She said Ridge made her happy for years. She told Ridge that he was going through a rough patch. She said she wanted him to be happy.

Brooke told Katie that Taylor was back. Brooke said there was so much tension. Katie asked if she was talking about with Deacon. Katie asked if Taylor was staying. Brooke said she didn’t know. Brooke said they have had their differences in the past, but she didn’t feel that way anymore.

Brooke told Katie that she was worried about the timing of Taylor’s visit. Katie said she and Ridge would get through this tough time. Brooke said he walked out on her a few times. Katie thought it was normal for him to be upset. Katie said Brooke was trying to do a balancing act between Ridge and Hope. Katie said it couldn’t hurt to think of his feelings with Taylor in town.

Brooke went to Steffy’s place to talk to Taylor. Brooke said she was surprised that she was in town. Taylir said her children were there. Brooke wondered what was going to happen with her job. Taylor said it kept her busy. Brooke asked her about being alone. Taylor wanted to know what she was trying to say. Taylor thought she was trying to see if she was dating.

Taylor told Brooke she didn’t have time to date. She said she found happiness within herself. She said she still needed Ridge, Thomas and Steffy. She said it was important that her children were happy. Brooke said they were. She told Taylor about Steffy being with Finn.

Brooke and Taylor talked about Sheila being Finn’s mother. Taylor said that was the only bad thing. She said at least she wasn’t in their lives. Brooke said Steffy moved on from Liam and Hope. Taylor said Hope was a winner like her. Brooke thought Taylor was still bitter. Brooke said she was offering an olive branch. She wanted to be friends. She askef if it was possible after all these years of hating each other. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021.


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