Bold and the Beautiful 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

Brooke told Taylor that she wanted to be friends. Taylor was shocked that she wanted to be friends. Brooke thought their daughters could be an inspiration for them. She said since Steffy and Hope were getting along, they should be getting along too. Taylor was still apprehensive about getting along with her.

Sheila told Deacon Taylor being in town would help him get Brooke back. She said it didn’t help her be with her son, but he could be with Brooke. He was surprised that she was so understanding about it. She said she could be sentimental. She said the holidays made her sad because she didn’t get a chance to spend time with Finn. She said she wanted to get to chance to make memories with them. She wished Steffy would be in the Christmas spirit and let her spend time with Finn. Deacon said he didn’t see it coming. She wanted to know why he was being so negative. She said she wasn’t being negative towards him. He didn’t want her to get her hopes up.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

Taylor and Brooke consider their past and present, each attempting to figure out the other’s long-term agenda.Sheila decides to take matters into her own hands regarding Finn, Hayes, and Christmas.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

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Steffy told Finn and Ridge that she wanted Taylor to be around. She wanted her kids to be close to Taylor the same way she was close to her grandmother. Ridge said he wanted Taylor to stay around too. Steffy asked if he told her that. Ridge said she needed to make up her own mind. Finn told her to be glad that she had her mother around to spend Christmas.

Taylor and Brooke talked about Taylor seeing her grandchildren on video chat. Taylor said it wasn’t the same seeing them on video. Brooke said she gets to see her grandchildren every day so she didn’t take it for granted. Taylor said she didn’t like how Douglas got to see her more. Brooke said Douglas missed her. She said he said that when she tucked him in the bed. Taylor said Thomas was better so he should get to spend time with Douglas. She asked Brooke what she thought about that. Brooke said it was important for a child to spend time with their father. They ended up talking about Deacon being in town. Taylor said Ridge didn’t approve of Deacon being around. Brooke said they didn’t always see eye to eye on things. Taylor thought Brooke should see things from Ridge’s point of view.

Brooke and Taylor talked about Brooke and Ridge’s relationship. Brooke said they have had their fair share of challenges. Taylor said Stephanie was the challenge. They talked about how much they missed her. Sheila told Deacon that she was going to send Finn a text asking to see him on Christmas. While Finn was talking to Steffy, he got the text. She asked if it was from Sheila. He told her she wanted to spend Christmas with him.

Sheila told Deacon that Finn didn’t always respond to her right away. He said he didn’t respond the way she wanted him to. She said she just wanted to see him on Christmas. He said they weren’t going to welcome her. She said Hope’s family wasn’t going to welcome him with open arms. She said she wanted to see her son.

Steffy couldn’t believe Sheila wanted to see Finn and Hayes. She said she wanted her mother to spend time with Hayes. He said Sheila only mentioned seeing him. She said she didn’t want Sheila around because her mother was in town. She didn’t want her mother around the woman who tried to shoot her. He understood what she was saying. 

Bold and the Beautiful 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021.


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