Bold and the Beautiful 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021

Deacon was working at the restaurant. Brooke showed up and saw him. She saw him with a bottle of wine. He said it wasn’t what it looked like. He said he was covering for a co-worker. He asked her about her Christmas. He told her his was awesome because he got to spend time with Hope. She said things went well at the house.

While Brooke and Deacon were talking, Sheila showed up. Sheila said she was there to spread good cheer. Brooke said she was there to cause chaos. Sheila asked if she got a lump of coal for Christmas. She said Brooke was nastier than usual. Brooke asked what was going on. She wanted to know why Sheila was there.

Deacon told Brooke it was a public place so he couldn’t stop her from being there. He said he couldn’t control what Sheila does. Sheila was offended that Brooke thought she would mess up Deacon’s life. She told Brooke that she wasn’t going to dictate her life. She said Deacon was her friend.

Brooke told Deacon that he couldn’t have Sheila in his life. She said Sheila was a negative influence. He said it was better for him not to see Sheila. Sheila said Brooke always looked down on her. She said Brooke wasn’t better than her.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021

Deacon attempts to diffuse a tense confrontation between Sheila and Brooke.Zende takes possession of the engagement ring that he had Quinn design for Paris.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021

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Sheila told Brooke that she was a nurse who put herself through medical school. She said she made something of herself. She asked Brooke what she did with her life. She said Brooke slept her way through the Forrester family. Brooke said that wasn’t true. She said she worked her way through school and was a chemist. She said shw made millions for Forrester.

Sheila said she didn’t understand why Ridge would want to spend his life with an alcoholic slut when he could be with Taylor and the kids. Sheila reminded her that she was a slut from the valley. Brooke called her certifiable and insane. Sheila said she made mistakes, but she was trying to make amends for them. She asked why she couldn’t be more like Taylor.

Sheila told Brooke that Taylor invited her over on Christmas Eve. Brooke didn’t believe her. Sheila convinced her that she was telling the truth. Brooke said Taylor might have opened the door, but she was going to slam it shut. Brooke said she was going to make sure she stayed away from her family.

Deacon tried to stop Brooke and Sheila from arguing, but it didn’t work. Brooke said she was going to get Ridge to agree with her to keep her out of their lives. Sheila begged Brooke to show some mercy. Brooke didn’t want to show her any mercy.  She told Sheila that she was going to be out of their lives for good.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021.


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